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For the past 177 years, students of the Collegiate School of St Peter have worn their uniform with pride. The uniform embodies our School’s brand, serves as a visible representation of our heritage and values, and fosters a sense of unity and belonging among our students.

Further to the Chairman’s article in the summer edition of Saints, the Council of Governors, supported by our leadership team, recently completed a detailed review of our brand and its application. The review highlighted that the use of our current heraldry:

• is not consistent with our history;
• is not consistent with our values;
• is not consistent across sports and within individual sports; and
• does not provide clear distinction between students, staff and supporters.

As a result of the review, the Council of Governors has approved subtle brand updates – primarily to sporting team uniforms. Please note that there will be no change to the formal winter and summer uniforms.

Our heraldry, granted to the School in 1954 by the College of Arms, will remain unchanged, but a more modest approach reflecting the School’s Anglican Framework and values will dictate its application. A contemporary font has been applied to the ‘St Peter’s College’ wordmark.

Our visual identity will now better align with our School’s original Latin name: Sancti Petri Schola Collegiata – or SPSC as we know it. As in times past, SPSC branding will again adorn caps and hats for both students and staff.

Uniform consistency will be sought within and across different sports. The revised sporting uniforms seek to place all students representing SPSC, regardless of activity, age and selection, in the same colours. A subtle acknowledgement of Open 1st team selection will continue, marked by a gold insignia, beneath a gold crest on their upper garment. Across different sports, the traditional blue and white hoops will be incorporated where appropriate.

Old scholar Robert Welch (FLL 1955) explains the historical relevance of the
SPSC abbreviation and blue and white hoops to his grandson Walter Welch.

Students have been provided information about the updates to uniforms and outlined the history behind these decisions.

To view the sport uniform designs please click here.

Changes will be implemented from the 2024 winter sport season, with a two-year transition period commencing at this time. The Recycled Uniform Shop will continue to accept and sell current sport uniforms up until the end of 2025. Any items remaining at this time will be disposed of responsibly.

The SPSC wordmark will form the primary logo for our new range of supporter wear that is now available to purchase or pre-order online. Pre-orders for the quarter zip jumpers must be placed by Thursday 29 February to ensure they are ready for collection by mid April.

Thank you in advance for your support of these changes. I am confident current and future generations of students will continue to wear our brand with pride and in doing so build on the rich legacy of the Collegiate School of St Peter.

Tim Browning