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On Friday 12 March the Year 4 cohort took part in their very first Endeavour Day!

The action-packed day was planned and organised by the Year 4 teachers, allowing the boys to gain a deeper insight into what life might have been like aboard the HMS Endeavour.

On Friday morning, the boys arrived at school full of enthusiasm and excitement as they dressed up in their finest 18th century pioneer costumes, ready for a day of exploration.

The students enjoyed sharing their highlights of the day:

‘My highlight from Endeavour Day was trying a lot of the food they would have eaten on the ship. My favourite food that I tried was the hard-tack biscuits that we made!’

‘I learnt that it would be very hard to fix the leaks on board the HMS endeavour.’

‘I am pleased that I was not a sailor on board the Endeavour because the food smelt gross. I really enjoyed the beef jerky but nothing else, it was so salty!’

‘I enjoyed becoming a botanist for the day, just like Joseph Banks. We discovered and created our very own specimens.’

‘When we did role-playing, I learnt new poses like scrub the deck.’

‘I enjoy dressing up as Captain Cook. Even the teachers dressed up and Mr Burke dressed up as a goat!’

Lauren Trowse
Year 4 Teacher