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On Friday 18 March Year 4 students jumped back in time to celebrate Endeavour Day. Boys began the day by hosting the Junior School Assembly followed by a range of fun and exciting activities themed around Captain Cook and the voyage of the Endeavour. The activities included food tasting, green screens, leaky boats and banksia art.

I enjoyed all the activities, but I think I liked the green screen and Leaky Pipe Challenge the best. It was a really fun day! The food they ate was so gross, especially the sauerkraut. The food tasting was lots of fun- I liked the hardtack” (Students from 4B).

I liked the Banksia art because we could make our own design (Sid). I liked the food especially the biscuits because they were salty (Jordan). I liked the leak pipe challenge because I got all wet (Gian). I liked the food especially the beef jerky (Jeremy). I liked the green screen and how we could put ourselves on the boat (Jack).

On Endeavour Day Nate and I enjoyed the leaking boat activity. We were on different teams and had fun getting wet. We had the opportunity to taste some food. The sauerkraut was delicious and had a sour taste. The hardtack biscuits tasted like chewy pastry. We could taste a lot of salt in all the foods we tried. Salt and vinegar was used to preserve food on the Endeavour and sauerkraut prevented scurvy. Charles Pan, Nathaniel Lange and Nicholas Steele.

It was fun to try different food. Some of them were really yum, but some were disgusting! (Tab). It was really fun to dress up as people from the Endeavour (Shikhar). Trying some of the food from the Endeavour was fun. The beef jerky was really yummy! (Paxton)

Michelle Cordon
Teacher – Year 4