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I wish to apologise to Max Hewitt (Year 8), Daniel Spyrou (Year 7) and families for an error published in the most recent copy of ‘What’s Happening at Saints’.

The article should have acknowledged Max Hewitt as the new U/13 Butterfly record holder. The error was made when SA Aquatic Centre staff uploaded our data into their program leaving one qualifying swimmer out and therefore placing other swimmers into lanes that did not match up with our marshalling sheets.

I congratulate Max on his achievement of setting four new age group records; an amazing feat!

In correcting point scores to reflect the error made:

  1. Age Champions, Runners Up remain unchanged
  2. The ‘New Record’ with the required amendment has been included in Table 1 below.
  3. The Junior House Cup winner remains unchanged while Howard and MacDermott’s finishing placings switch. Refer to Table 2 below.
  4. The overall House Champion, Junior and Senior House Cup points combined, top three placings remain unchanged with the change in point scores reflecting the required changes to Junior House point scores. Refer to Table 3 below

Table 1: New Records

Name Event New Record Previous Record Previous Record Holder Year
Alden Au U13 Breaststroke 35.60sec 37.20sec MJ Pearce 2017
Bryce Hammond U15 Butterfly 29.32sec 29.50sec DTS Lee 1996
Max Hewitt U13 Individual Medley 1min 09.41sec 1min 17.36sec Alden Au 2021
Max Hewitt U13 Freestyle 27.17sec 29.51sec Max Hewett 2021
Max Hewitt U13 Backstroke 33.16sec 35.33sec J O Nesbitt 2017
Max Hewitt U13 Butterfly 30.19sec 33.65sec H Scott-Young 2018
School & Allen Open Freestyle Relay 4min 09.05sec 4min 14.74sec Farrell 2019
School & Allen Open Medley Relay 3min 25.08sec 3min 28.15sec Hawkes 2021

Table 2: House Champions – Junior House Cup

Placing House Point Score
1st Woodcock 8947
2nd Young 8520
3rd MacDermott (was Howard) 8341
4th Howard (was MacDermott) 8334

Table 3: House Champions

Placing House Point Score
1st Woodcock 14883
2nd Young 14306
3rd Howard 13848

Tony Checker
Carnivals Coordinator