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Blue Threads, a student-led social enterprise, combines sustainability and community service by repurposing donated clothing to support the Buddy Up and Sony Camp social programs. 

In the pursuit of our school’s core values of truth, respect, and service, Blue Threads operates as a conduit for positive change. Blue Threads operates on a simple premise: we will use the proceeds from the sale of clothes donated by our school community to fund the school’s social programs. This demonstrates the reality that even small actions can have a significant effect. 

We Need Your Support 

The success of Blue Threads hinges on generous contributions from you, our school community. Starting next week, we kindly invite you to participate by donating male clothing items. Donations can be dropped off at the following locations in the Blue Bins: 

  • Front Office with Ms Sears 
  • Lower Ground Floor Pentreath Building by Mr Coventry’s Office 
  • Inside the Uniform Shop 

We are keen to collect male clothing items of good brands in all sizes and washed. Please ensure the clothes are in such condition that you would be happy to purchase them yourself. Your donations will directly contribute to the growth of our social programs and the continuation of sustainable practices. By lending a hand, you uphold the values of truth, respect, and service that define our school community. 

Zig Jonats 
Joint CEO, Blue Threads