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We aim to foster positive habits and engagement with technologies and the online world.

As technology becomes increasingly integrated into all aspects of daily life, we are conscious of the need to support and work in partnership with our parent community to ensure that its impact on students is as positive and balanced as possible – and that children and young people have adequate time to disconnect from the digital world and engage in other passions. We have recently published a series of parent guides to address common concerns around managing technology use at home.These address management of iPad, with guides for MacBook soon to follow. The parent guides can be found on the Technology at Home tile on Keystone.

Also available for all parents on the Technology at Home site is the Online Resources for Parents page. This page brings together a collection of useful resources on a wide range of digital safety and engagement topics relevant for students of all ages, including digital technologies and mental health, cyberbullying, gaming, and image-based abuse.

In line with our commitment to supporting students to build healthy habits around technology use, we are also pleased to offer a series of interactive workshops for parents on creating a Family Technology Agreement.

Family Technology Agreements set out clear guidelines and boundaries around technology use within the home and can help with fostering open communication and self-regulation around device use and screen time. The workshops offered will provide families with the guidance and resources needed to start this important conversation. Parents are invited to attend with their children and any other significant caregivers as there are opportunities throughout to discuss prompt questions and start setting out an agreement that works best for their family’s values and priorities.

In Term 2 the Family Technology Agreement workshops will focus on addressing the needs of Junior School students and their families. The dates are as follows:

• Reception to Year 2 Family Technology Agreement Workshop- Thursday 16 May, 5-6pm

• ELC and Prep Family Technology Agreement Workshop- Wednesday 22 May, 5-6pm

• Year 3 to Year 6 Family Technology Agreement Workshop- Thursday 23 May, 5-6pm

Please click here to register to attend a workshop. All workshops will be held in the Junior School Function Area.

Angela Norman
Head of Digital Innovation and Integration