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This year, we are very fortunate to have both French and Chinese being taught in the Junior School from ELC to Year 6. We now have three French teachers, Mlle Rose Harvey, Mme Arasmia Hanna and Mme Marcia McLachlan, and two French classrooms.

Our cultural theme for 2020 is La Francophonie and la France Outre- mer (the French speaking world and French overseas territories). The Reception to Year 4 students have been learning about some of the French speaking countries of Europe, including, Switzerland, Monaco, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Their language themes for this term are greetings, countries, nationalities and languages. We have learnt about some French cultural events, such as; La Galette des Rois (Epiphany cake), La Chandeleur, le Mardi Gras and le Carnaval.

The Year 5 and 6 French students have been focusing on French geography and the geography of Europe. They are now looking at French exploration in Australia and the Pacific and finding the connections between Australian and French colonial history.

Their language topics this term are greetings, nationalities and countries.

French show and tell is still as popular as ever and we have had a wide range of items shared already this year.

The 1J/2I class had a Belgian visitor in Week 7. We were very lucky to have had Evelyne Robbens, Alex and Lucas Pourgiezis’ mother, come and talk to the boys about Belgium. We learnt some more interesting facts about Belgium and were treated to some delicious Belgian chocolate.

Our next cultural discussions will be around Poisson d’avril (April fool’s day) and Pâques (Easter).

Madame McLachlan
Teacher Junior School