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On the 16 May, French students from across the School had the opportunity to meet and speak with a French chef Patrice Ulerich who has travelled the world with his work. Patrice currently works in Adelaide, but has worked in Canada, France and China, where he taught students lessons on culinary skills and techniques. He shared facts and stories about his career experiences and some tasty samples too!

For some of the older students, it was a perfect way to add some finesse to their accent, while it was a bit confusing at times for us beginners and certainly a challenge to keep up! Patrice shared his knowledge on traditional cheeses, highlighting the delicious camembert, brie and strong goats’ cheese, sampled on fresh slices of baguette. Did you know that in France there are over 1,600 distinct types of cheese, sorted into eight categories, or ‘les huit familles de fromage’?! He also talked about his passion for the diverse wine regions of the country and how important champagne is for France. Patrice explained the origin of mustard from Dijon and finished off with the traditional French dish called Bouillabaisse, which is a fish stew originating from the port city of Marseille. It was a great experience for aspiring chefs and lots of fun talking and laughing with Patrice. Let’s hope that he comes again, as all the those who attended thoroughly enjoyed it. Miam miam!

George Griffith (Year 7)