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Sam Jackson

It feels like the last eight weeks have flown by and I am loving every minute!

On Friday 5 March we hosted over 100 student leaders from all over South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria for our 10th National Student Leadership Summit. Education futurist Louka Parry was instrumental in the success of the day, as we focused on the three themes of connect, communicate and create. The summit enabled students to focus on important issues in their respective communities, encouraging conversation, critical thinking, and problem solving to help ignite change. This event was helpful for Rushan and me as we had the opportunity to hear other like-minded students’ opinions while brainstorming possible student lead projects. This event is something all future school leaders should aspire to attend.

Last Friday night I, and many members of our school community, had the pleasure of rolling out the picnic blanket in front of the Alfresco Concert while the sun slowly set behind the city. These students put in an exceptional amount of practice for this event and to see it run so smoothly is a credit to all performers and Mr Phillip Walsh (Director of Music). The Alfresco Concert was an excellent showcase of our Senior School Music program and I look forward to hearing more from this talented group of young men.

This time last year everyone was gearing up to spend an unknown period of time at home completing distance education. This also meant the summer Intercol season had to be postponed. However, COVID won’t beat us this year! On Monday we kicked off the Intercol season over lunch as we hosted Prince Alfred College’s student leaders, sporting captains and senior staff. Mitch Searle (PAC Captain) and I understand that as leaders of our schools we have the opportunity to set a positive Intercol culture. A culture that will inspire the youngest members of our respective communities to strive for great success on and off the field. By uniting both schools we will continue to push one another to great lengths in pursuit of victory, whilst maintaining respect and sportsmanship. I am looking forward to cheering on our boys in blue!

We are pleased to confirm that we are once again selling hot cross buns to help raise funds for the Anglican Board of Mission (ABM). Following the cancellation of last year’s event, we have decided to continue our 2020 School Captains’ wish to support the Wontulp-Bi-Buya College in Cairns (one the ABM’s current projects).

All funds raised will be donated to the Wontulp-Bi-Buya College that supports the development of Aboriginal and Torrens Strait Islander community leaders throughout study programs in theology, suicide prevention, addiction management and community development.

As a community we have a unique opportunity to support the 2021 hot cross bun fundraiser in collaboration with Foodland Norwood. Packets of hot cross buns can be purchased online through our Try Booking link here and will be delivered to the School throughout Week 10. Fruitless, fruit and chocolate hot cross buns are available for $7.25 per pack of six with all proceeds donated to this ABM project.

Best of luck to our sports competitors for the upcoming intercols. Our rowing boys kick things off this Saturday at West Lakes! Go get em!!

Sam Jackson
School Captain