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As of this week, we have officially reached the halfway point of the Year 12 School Year! Congratulations to all our Year 12 students for working tirelessly throughout their final year. We’re sure it’ll pay off tenfold.

We’ve been busy in the last fortnight. Week 4 saw the Concert Bands Showcase, with all the School’s Concert Bands performing live across the Junior and Senior schools. It was fantastic to see all the boys get around the night, and with hundreds of students performing. It was a tremendous showing of SPSC musical talent. A special mention goes out to the Junior School Concert Band, who tackled an extremely tough piece and performed it to perfection. Thank you to Mr Simon Varga and Mr Brad Turner, Directors of Music for Junior and Senior School respectively, for their work on the night.

Week 5 was special, with Swimming Carnival finally taking place after a long lead-up during the Term. The turn-out was fantastic, and it was great to see every boy excited to jump in the pool and be at their best. The atmosphere was electric, and was only amped up by the House Chants echoing throughout the Centre. House Chants are a new initiative we have started as part of the Captains’ Challenge, and began in an amazing manner. Well done to MacDermott Hosue for winning the competition with their unique, energetic and inclusive chant.

On Saturday 27 May we had the first occurrence of the ‘Spectators Cup’. The Spectator’s Cup is designed to get as many boys as possible out to certain co-curricular fixtures every other week, with points awarded to whatever House had the most boys present. This launched to a great success, with over 100 boys coming out to spectate the 1st V Basketball team play against Pembroke at home, with a very close 64 – 62-point win. It was great to see so many boys coming out to support their peers, and a new standard was set for spectating at the School.

Additionally, last week saw the launch of our new co-curricular Instagram page, @_the_blue_army_, to massive success. The Instagram is designed to be a hub for all co-curricular related content at the school, with highlight reels, stories and more being posted to engage the school community with this side of SPSC. The account amassed over 600 followers and 30,000 total views over the weekend, and we look forward to seeing the account continue to grow throughout the year. If you haven’t followed the account, make sure to check it out on Instagram, so you never miss an update.

Looking ahead, we’re extremely excited for the School Musical and their performance of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’. After a brief taste at Muster, we are confident that the show will be absolutely fantastic.

As always, we are always looking to help in anyway we can. Please do not hesitate to contact us on @saintscaptains or via email. We’re happy to help.  

Thomas Hamilton-Smith and Aidan Hua
School Captains