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With the advent of Term 3, we have finally reached Semester 2! Welcome back to all our staff and students from their refreshing break through July. This term is already looking extremely busy, with both Blue Week and Intercol occurring close to one another, so we will be sure to keep the community updated with our day-to-day activities through Instagram or emails.

On the first day back, both the Senior School and Junior School gathered together for a special service to celebrate St Peter’s College’s Founders in the Burchnall Sport Centre. It was incredible to see every single boy attending SPSC, from Prep to Year 12, in attendance and assembled in one location. It was fantastic to hear the speeches and biographies of Mr M Clayton, Mr C Dyer, and Sir Henry Fox Young.

In Week 2, we were also honoured to attend the opening of the Junior School Art Exhibition, where the boys showcased the work they had completed with Miss Zinia King throughout the year. Starting Monday night, the Function Space was transformed into a forest of art, with the boys’ work randomly dispersed around the room. It was fantastic to see the pride each student had in their work and the high level they performed at. Well done all boys! A special mention to Thomas Wallett (Year 6) for his terrific speech to open the night.

The annual House Cross Country competition was held on Tuesday, and it was fantastic to see all the boys around the School spectating and supporting their House and the runners. As always, it was great to see our runners giving it their best shot, and showcasing their ability to compete at a high level.

As the week draws to a close, we are excited to attend both the Boarders’ Reunion on Friday and the White & Blue Ball on Saturday. The Boarders’ Reunion is sure to be an amazing opportunity to reminisce about old memories and make new connections with alumni. Furthermore, the White & Blue Ball is an opportunity to connect with the wider SPSC community – we are both incredibly excited to spend some time and meet with you all.

This term is forecast to be incredibly busy, but we are ready and eager to get going. As always, our door is always open, so please contact us through Instagram @saintscaptains or through email if you have any questions or queries.

Thomas Hamilton-Smith and Aidan Hua
School Captains