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Congratulations to all students for getting through the busy first term of 2023. You all deserve a well-earned break.  

From us, we’ve been hard at work on an Interschool Competition with Wilderness School, preparing and attending the summer Intercols, and attending the Voices of St Peter’s College concert on Tuesday night. The event with Wilderness, attended by the 2023 School Prefects, was fantastic! It was a heated competition ending on a terrific Lip-Sync Battle, with SPSC edging out a close win. Thank you to Wilderness School for hosting, and we look forward to working with you again in future terms.  

The Summer Intercols started out strongly with the Swimming on Wednesday night, with SPSC finishing the meet with a great win. After a close loss at the Tennis, it was amazing to see the boys get around the Badminton and support our team in another 10-2 win. Drawing closer to the end of the week, we had Cricket start on Friday, and Volleyball and Water Polo that night. 

At the inaugural Volleyball Intercol, our team were strong, taking down the tough PAC team in close sets 2-0. It was fantastic to see all our boys spectating the team and showing their support for such a historic match. The Drumline was also in attendance, providing a perfect atmosphere for support in the gymnasium. Water Polo occurred immediately after the Volleyball, and, in a close game, the PAC team edged out a win 6-7. Again, we saw many SPSC students in support, leading to an enormous roar of chanting and drums.  

Finally, after a loss at the Cricket over the weekend, the Summer Intercol week ended in a terrific win at the Sailing at the West Beach Adelaide Sailing Club. Congratulations on the boys for getting the inaugural win for the first-ever Sailing Intercol.   

On Tuesday night, Mem Hall saw an amazing performance by our Junior and Senior School Choirs and Senior Orchestra at the Voices of St Peter’s College concert. The night started with an energetic piece from our Senior choir as they chanted beside the audience in ‘Dragonborn’. We were later greeted with performances from the Jazz choirs, solo performances from the incredible Joey Fitzgerald (Year 10) and Henry Sawers (Year 12), and the infectiously-happy Prep Choir, alongside other pieces and groups.  

Finally, the night ended with two pieces from all our boys: Sogno di Volare, a piece from Civilisation VI, and Close Now Thine Eyes, a piece composed by old scholar Andrew Wells (W&A 1937), who fought in World War II. These two performances were terrific, allowing the audience to see the strength of our singers and performers.  

All in all, we have had a busy and incredible Term 1, and are looking forward to continuing our work in Term 2. Have a restful break boys, and see you next term! 

Thomas Hamilton-Smith and Aidan Hua
School Captains