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Wow what an incredibly busy past two weeks it has been! As captains we have been seeing so many inspiring and exciting events. At the end of Week 4 the School participated in the SAAS Blue Round, promoting, and raising awareness for the struggles of mental health and how that as a community we must help each other to stay happy and healthy. Boys participated by wearing blue arms bands during their sporting fixtures throughout the weekend.

Week 5 saw the beginning of Year 8 Camp as the boys went to the Yorke Peninsula for five days of fun and testing challenges as they participated in activities like snorkeling, fishing, bike riding and hiking. Whilst we were unable to attend this camp because of some busy schedules, we want to congratulate all Year 8 boys for their hard work and bravery on this camp. We are looking forward to hearing all your stories. Week 6 has seen a very busy schedule for us, with prefect netball games against Walford Anglican School for Girls, the first round of School Mooting against Mercedes and much more. On Thursday, we had the pleasure of meeting and inviting the schools’ graduates of 1954 to our traditional ‘muster’. During this muster we introduced our new school video service that will be presented under the name ‘Blues News’. Blues News will be a common reoccurring video that we will show at musters and post on @saintscaptains that shows the Schools general and co-curricular life in a fun and informative way. There have been many attempts at this style of video over the past few years, this our attempt. We hope to engage and inform the entire school community by providing insight on current and past events that have happened, so boys feel more connected to their community.

Finally, it is without due note that we mention the National Student Leadership Summit (NSLS) that we are facilitating today. The NSLS is an exciting leadership conference where we and the prefect body meet with like-minded leaders across the country to learn and collaborate about new initiatives for our schools. We hope to gain more insight on new initiatives we can run this year to improve school culture.

James Hattingh and Ryan Fowler
School Captains