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Week 5 was a full week, firstly we were given the privilege to attend the Respite Program held at the School for children who require consistent care. The children had an amazing experience that was full of board games, sports, music, arts and crafts. After many rounds of Hide-and-Seek, we finally ended the night with a great, warm meal catered by the incredible Da Costa Dining Hall Staff. It was fantastic to see Year 12 and 11 students come together to act as companions to these special members of our community and have some fun along the way.

On Thursday we had the opportunity to hear from our fantastic CEO in Residence, Old Scholar, Hugh Dawson (S&A 2015). It was great to listen to his experience in agriculture and learn about his journey after leaving the walls and fields of SPSC. He taught us that life never really goes where you want it to go, but it is important to learn from the experiences.

Week 6, has been one of the busiest weeks we have had to date. On Monday, we joined the Junior School at their Swimming Carnival, a terrific event where students from Years 3 to 6 jumped in the pool and competed in healthy competition between their Houses. It was great to see the commitment of all the boys, and to experience the intense support they show for their House. Congratulations boys!

Looking ahead, we have reached the National Student Leadership Summit. Both Aidan and I have worked tirelessly all year in preparation for this event. We are extremely excited to present and showcase what we learnt as leaders throughout our lives. Presenting at the largest National Student Leadership Summit the School has hosted is exciting and we can’t wait to share with you next fortnight how the event unfolded.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions, we are always happy to help.

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Thomas Hamilton-Smith and Aidan Hua
School Captains