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Supporting and Spectating

We are finally approaching the final weeks of Term. It’s been a fantastic journey so far, and we’re still very excited to see what’s coming next. In the last fortnight, we’ve kept busy with preparing and assisting the School Musical with Walford Anglican School for Girls, performing ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’. It was an incredible performance, and an enormous congratulations to the students and staff from both schools who participated. The four nights were much anticipated, and we had a solid turnout each night with over 1300 tickets sold. We both attended on the Friday and Saturday, and the atmosphere was electric. We also held a Spectator’s Cup event for the Musical, with over 300 students attending across all nights.

Additionally, we have another Spectator’s Cup event planned for this Saturday, where the 1st XVIII Football team will play against PAC on the Main Oval at 2:15pm. After the massive success of the 1st V Basketball a few weeks ago and the musical last week, we are hoping to get over 200 boys out supporting their peers at this fixture. The atmosphere from the last basketball game was intense, as the game was down to the last minute and the boys were left on the edge of their seats. If this weekend is anything like last time, the boys will be missing out if they aren’t there. We wish luck to the boys playing on the weekend and are excited to see what the day holds.

On Sunday we farewelled our Year 10 students as they embarked on their 21-Day Journey. We both remember ours and it was certainly a lasting memory which stays with you for years to come. We wish the boys the best and are sure they’ll have a great time with their friends.

This week the Year 11 students participated in their Relationships Day alongside girls from St Peter’s Girls’ School, Walford Anglican School for Girls and Wilderness School. The boys formed groups with girls from all three schools and participated in various discussions and activities about sexual health and relationships. These discussions are a great way to break the ice on these stigmatised topics, and create informed discussion from both parties that will benefit everyone as they grow up in the modern world. The day was a massive success for both the boys and girls from our guest schools, and we look forward to welcoming them back next year.

As always, we are always looking to help in anyway we can. Please do not hesitate to contact us on @saintscaptains or via email. We’re happy to help.  

Thomas Hamilton-Smith and Aidan Hua
School Captains