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As of Week 8, we have been Captains for 90% of the Year 12 school year, and as we approach the end of the Term, we reflect on all we have achieved thus far. It has been exciting, terrifying, and fulfilling being in these roles this year, and we are extremely grateful to have been given this opportunity to serve our community in such an impactful way.  

As we come down from the high of Intercol, this past fortnight has been a lot less busy while we finalise our projects to conclude our term as Captains. For example, we’ve had the pleasure of attending our respective House Dinners (MacDermott and Young), which were fantastic to relive again and a well-deserved send-off for our Year 12 cohort.  

Further, Week 7 saw the advent of Swimming in the Buddy-Up Program. It was fantastic to see both Years 11 and 12 students working together to give our guests the most enjoyable time possible in the pool. You could certainly tell that the boys and guests had an amazing time in the water, playing games and having the barbeque afterwards. This program has led to some of the best memories and experiences this year, so we are incredibly grateful to have been so intricately involved.  

The new student leadership process has also taken place this fortnight, with many Year 11 students vying for their opportunity to lead and serve the student and wider SPSC community. It has been fantastic to see how the Year 11 students have stepped up and really carved out their position in the SPSC landscape, and we look forward to meeting with them all in weeks 9 and 10.  

Looking ahead, there are three major events on the calendar: the annual Music Festival, Athletics Carnival, and the Blue & White. The Music Festival is sounding phenomenal, and we recommend all readers to purchase a ticket to attend. After attending a couple rehearsals, the boys are raring to go and are ready to show the community what they have been preparing over the last six months.  

Athletics Carnival preparations have been underway, and we are excited to join the boys in healthy competition. Trials have been taking place over the last three weeks, and it’s been great seeing all the boys do their best for their Houses.   

Finally, Blue & White preparations are nearing their end as we approach September 29th. Ticket sales are doing well, and the designing process has been really interesting and insightful. We’re certainly very excited to finally be able to showcase the work we and the Events Team have put in to the wider SPSC community. It’ll be fantastic! 

As always, our door is always open, so please contact us through Instagram (@saintscaptains) or through email if you have any questions or queries.  

Thomas Hamilton-Smith and Aidan Hua
School Captains