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Last Friday, we hosted our first Student Voice session for 2024 in Big School Room, and it was a great success. The Student Voice initiative was started by 2022 School Captains Aidan Hughes and Chirath Lekamge, and is a forum to ensure all students have representation and their voices are heard.

It is a way of discussing issues around the School, and ensures that concerns are being addressed. However, we are also looking to discuss issues in broader society. In our very first session, we went over the purpose of Student Voice and how we can incite positive changes that we want to see within the School. One of the topics brought up was the fact we no longer have sports reports in muster, and some students would like to see something like this return.

So, in conjunction with the Co-Curricular prefects, we are going to start creating a weekly/fortnightly entertaining but informative video called “Blues News”. This will look to give the students updates around the school grounds, including sports updates. This is a great example of the students being able to change what they want to see at St Peter’s College. Ultimately, we are the students of this school, which is what makes these Student Voice sessions so important.

We are looking forward to continuing these Student Voice sessions on a fortnightly basis and hearing more about what the students want to see.

James Hattingh and Ryan Fowler
School Captains