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Today marks the final day of Term 3, so an enormous congratulations to all boys for finishing this third quarter on a high note. We have been busy, so well done for keeping up with your studies and being proactive in searching meaning ways to give back to the community on both an internal and external level.

Since our last article, much has happened. On Thursday of Week 9, the boys were abuzz as the 2024 new Leaders were announced, for all positions across House and Co-Curricular levels. We are immensely proud of all boys who had the courage to step up and give back to the organisations and groups which have served them for years. We know from our personal experience that leadership is meaningful and an incredibly opportunity to learn and grow on a personal level, as well as to provide some support for the boys you interact with. Furthmore, to all boys who missed out on a position; you still have a fantastic opportunity in the Senior Years to affect the lives of all boys you interact with. Leadership is in action, not title. Be the best you can be and opportunities will continue to flow in your direction.

Additionally, the Music Festival occurred on Thursday, which was a fantastic opportunity for the SPSC community to see our musicians perform in an incredible 200 piece orchestra, band and choir. After many rehearsals, soundchecks and hours of practice, the boys were thrilled to perform both during Muster and after-school. The event was also a Spectators’ Cup event, which provided an opportunity for boys to show their support and to gain some House Points. Well done to everyone involved!

Friday of Week 9 saw the annual Athletics Carnival held with much success. As Captains, our role was small but important; support the boys! As we watched the events, the boys were fantastic – the energy and engagement they showed was more than we had ever seen in the past six years. An enormous congratulations to Mr Checker and the Athletics staff for creating such an impressive event – we know how much work goes into competitions like this. Additionally, well done to Farr House for winning the day with a 300 point lead over Da Costa House.

Finally, the end of Term marks the annual Blue and White, the much-loved event for boys across Year 11 and 12. We have been hard at work alongside the events staff to create the best experience possible for the boys, and we are incredibly excited to show the community what we’ve done. The boys are certainly in for a magical night!

As always, our door is always open, so please contact us through Instagram (@saintscaptains) or through email if you have any questions or queries.  

Thomas Hamilton-Smith and Aidan Hua
School Captains