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This year marks the 152nd anniversary of the annual Intercollegiate sports fixture between SPSC and PAC, and we couldn’t be more proud of the constructive rivalry which has developed across decades.  

As Captains, we are beyond grateful for the opportunity for our two schools to come together and celebrate our long-lasting connection amongst a sea of blue and red blazers. The heart of Intercol is still very-much alive, and the spirit of the diverse school community was on full display. The Intercol season is an incredible opportunity to make lasting connections with others and to form meaningful memories that shape and define the student experience within and outside these walls and fields. We ask that all students, particularly our Year 12 students, take a brief moment to reflect on the amazing moments of the competition.  

The Intercols started with an electrifying game of Soccer on PAC’s Main Oval. Our 1st XI were spurred on by the chants and support from our spectators, allowing them a close 3-1 victory. Immediately after, our Chess Team was cheered on by all our boys in a tunnel leading into the Piper Pavillion. Although Chess is small, it was fantastic to see all the SPSC community getting around the sport and showing their support. Unfortunately, we lost 2-8, but all the games were incredibly close and we showed the most promise we’ve had in years.  

Thursday began with a march over to PAC to see our Rugby team achieve their 29-19 win over the Reds. The drumline was fantastic, and we were able to show some of our new chants we had been preparing. The atmosphere was incredible. Later, we were delighted to be present for the inaugural Squash Intercol. Though it was a tough 0-4 loss, our boys were honoured to be a part of the first Intercol, with many more to come. Finally, the second day of Intercol concluded with an impressive 17-3 win from our Table-Tennis team, who continued their undefeated streak from all season. The PAC team kept everything very close, despite the final score, so it was an excited couple of hours to watch.  

The final two days were tightly packed, with Debating narrowly losing in a split decision 1-2. Basketball clutched a close 58-37 win, with the cheers and chants from the crowds echoing around the gymnasium. Basketball was certainly an unforgettable experience. 

Finally, Saturday morning saw our Hockey team show their dominance with a 10-2 win, which also won them the SAAS Shield and Pennant before all the boys headed to the Football to watch the final game of the Intercol season. Although we lost 52-109, the 1st XVIII played with passion and grace.  

This Intercol season was truly electric. An enormous congratulations must go out to all players and spectators for their involvement and dedication. And, as many boys said in post-match speeches, we are forever grateful to SPSC and PAC for allowing us the opportunity for our schools to meaningfully interact on the sporting field.  

As always, our door is always open, so please contact us through Instagram (@saintscaptains) or through email if you have any questions or queries.  

Thomas Hamilton-Smith and Aidan Hua
School Captains