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It has been a jam packed past few weeks, with the School providing many fun and new experiences for the student body, ranging from inspirational speeches to an eventful Swimming Carnival. The busyness begun with the School hosting the SA History Festival for the very first time. We, alongside Ms Elisabeth Bramford and her amazing team of Historical Society enthusiasts toured a sold-out crowd of 60 around our walls and fields, teaching them about the fascinating and enriched history of the School. Even as Captains of the School, we are continuing to learn so much about the School’s development over the past 177 years and we urge any member of the community to look further into the history. A massive thank you to Ms Bramford, Ms Pitkin, Ms Harms and the Historical Society students for running such an interesting event.

The student body were fortunate to experience an amazing and inspiring speech from old scholar and parent Andrew Lee (HWK 1994). The experienced lawyer spoke profoundly of many confronting and intriguing stories that have shaped and directed the course of his life. The way he spoke of some key messages like ‘being ready to accept failure with grace’ and to ‘search for new perspectives’ really resonated with the boys. We thank Andrew for helping and guiding our student body to ‘shape the future’.

Finally, on the Friday of Week 5, the boys travelled to Marion Swimming Centre for our annual school Swimming Carnival. On what was a somewhat cold and rainy day, the atmosphere provided by the boys was electric as each House cheered and supported their boys in all swims and novelty events. The atmosphere seemed to have exploded just at the end of the day where the Prefects took on the staff for the final relay. No matter what the staff say about disqualification, the entire student body will agree that the Prefects held out in the end for what was a marvellous victory! We thank Mr Tony Checker and the entirety of the staff who helped to make this day so electric.

We look forward to seeing what comes in the next few weeks as we continue to build our spectating culture with the recent return of the Spectators Cup.

James Hattingh and Ryan Fowler
School Captains