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The following is an extract from the Deputy Headmaster’s Address at National Reconciliation Week Muster

As we acknowledge and honour National Reconciliation Week, I want to thank Leon Connop (Year 12) a proud Garawa man, Mr Mead, Indigenous Program Coordinator, and today’s guest Mr Nathan May for reminding us of how important this time of the year is.

I hope we all note the link between Father Theo’s message about the power of connecting to those who came before us with what this week is all about: how we, as a diverse community in 2023, connect to aspects of our history, country and selves that are difficult but essential to confront.

It is also appropriate that we continue to consider indigenous experiences and ways of thinking as our Year 10 students prepare for their 21 Day Journey, where they will seek to connect to community and land in new, profound and authentic ways.

Finally, it is appropriate that we, as a diverse community, are thinking and speaking about this now, given National Reconciliation Week remembers the 1967 referendum, and we are currently being asked to engage in the Voice to Parliament referendum. This is a rare opportunity where we get to consider what our national values look like when we have to live them and activate them on a national, political stage. This invitation – to move from holding a belief to actually acting upon it – can feel confronting, but I would suggest that St Peter’s College’s shared values of inclusivity and respect position us well to meet this moment with our characteristic strength and love.

Thank you again to everyone involved in this important week.

Nick Carter
Deputy Headmaster (acting)