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Lux Lucet in Tenebris 

Crafting your son into the best version of himself is a partnership, and every partnership needs investment, just as any achievement requires effort. As the summer break rolls around, my advice to you, following my own recent parental enlightenment, is to be fully present as often as possible with your son. Listen to him, not with a view to respond, but to understand. 

Talk to him too about your values and perhaps about those of the School, and feel free to explore any alignment. Paying attention to values in general is time well spent; he will learn that values matter. On Tuesday 1 February, we will return to our vocation of promoting to your son not rules but values, and specifically those of Truth, Respect and Service. We will encourage and expect him to try his best, show respect to himself and others, and position himself in others’ support. 

I would like to thank all staff across the Junior and Senior School for the role they have played in supporting your sons (and mine) to stay on course to becoming the best versions of themselves this year. From my position as a Deputy Headmaster, I have seen their investment in the partnership, and I am immensely grateful. Special thanks and best wishes to staff who are retiring or departing.  

I do hope there have been some highlights for your son to look back on this year, and that St Peter’s College has been a light in any darkness that your family has experienced away from school. This was the message in the nine lessons at our Carol Service this week, appropriately accompanied by the excellent singing of our Chapel Choir. 

I wish you and your family a great summer break, and look forward to working with you in partnership in 2022. 

With Festive wishes, 

 Marcus Blackburn
Deputy Headmaster/ Head of Senior School