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As we come to the end of the academic year it is a time for reflection and review of all that has been achieved in 2023. For our students it is a great opportunity to look back on their individual contribution to the School against our school values of truth, respect and service and their own personal growth and development.

Reflecting on my own experiences as a student, I recall the mix of emotions associated with this time of year—anticipation and nervousness about year-end results and the transition to a new academic level. Simultaneously, there was the joyous anticipation of holidays, offering the prospect of restful mornings and quality time with friends and family beyond the regular demands of the school term.

I encourage all boys when reading their school report to celebrate the success of 2023 whilst using this opportunity to review their goals that will lead to further growth and success in 2024.  A school report serves as a snapshot of one’s progress and provides an excellent foundation for crafting strategies to enhance learning in the coming year.

The past two weeks at St Peter’s College have been marked by both celebrations of successes and preparations for the upcoming year. Transition days welcomed students joining us from other schools, while our current students engaged in step-up days to preview the challenges and opportunities awaiting them in 2024.

There have been celebration events connected to the endless co-curricular activities that are on offer at SPSC. Our Service Learning programs have wrapped up for the year and it was a special moment to have all students involved in the ’Buddy Up’ program return to share in the successes of this initiative. Mr Ed Ruediger mentioned that over 800 hours have been volunteered by our boys to this program. What an amazing feat in one year and we look forward to the further development of this and other service learning programs in 2024.

As we wrap up the end of year there are many finals for 2023. We have had final chapels where Father Theo has challenged the boys to understand the story of the Magi or as we more commonly know the ‘Three Wise Men’ in preparation for the Christmas season. Boys have had their final mentor class and house musters. These occasions have provided opportunities to be thankful for our ‘strong and lovely’ community and acknowledge the hard work of all those who make our school an exceptional learning community.

Our Years 7 to 11 Speech Day was an occasion to celebrate our boys’ learning achievements and bid farewell to some of our staff.  Hearing from long-serving retiring staff member Mrs Betty-ann Heim was a privilege.  Betty-Ann, spoke fondly of her time at St Peter’s College and the impact the School has had on her teaching career.  It is hearing these stories that encapsulates the very essence of what it means to be part of this special community and how our memories go well beyond the walls and fields of the school grounds.

A number of Senior School staff will be leaving us to take on new opportunities in 2024.  In addition to the Headmaster’s acknowledgements I wish to recognise the service of the following staff:

Darcy Crouch
Kirsty Jackman
Rob Marchetto
Filomena Roma
Chris Romanos
Geoff Tinagli
Melanie Weatherill-Struben
Sharon Zhuang

We thank them for their dedication to St Peter’s College and wish them every success in their new ventures.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the St Peter’s College staff and students for their wonderful contributions throughout 2023 and look forward to the new opportunities that 2024 will bring. I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work in this community over the past term and look forward to engaging further with the whole school community in 2024.

I wish you all a safe, relaxing, and holy Christmas break.

David Nolan
Deputy Headmaster/Head of Senior School