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As a new term commences there has been one key theme that has weaved it way through the events that have taken place. The theme of community. We should not take this theme for granted when the world around us appears to be a haven for self-indulgence with a focus on the individual. Our first two weeks have seen events held that speak to the heart of being in community together.

Our ANZAC Service is one of those special moments in the School where we come together to acknowledge those who have sacrificed their own lives so that we can live in a country that is free and full of opportunity. As each of the names were read, it was a stark reminder of the tragedy of war and of the need to ensure that our value of respect is one which all our boys strive to demonstrate in their lives. When you look beyond the walls and fields of our School it is now more than ever that we need our young boys and men to display a deep and true understanding of respect.

Last Friday morning I was privileged to see the members of our music community who were heading off to Generations in Jazz in Mt Gambier.  In many ways this group optimises what it means to work in community. Each member had a significant part to play in ensuring they performed to their best. Just as each member of our wider community must also support each other to strive to be our very best in thoughts, words and actions.

Thrillingly, our Big Band 1 was able to draw on the strength of each member to not only perform to their best but in so doing win the national competition. This is no small achievement considering the number of schools from across Australia who take part in the competition. Well done to each member of our music community and the staff for demonstrating what we can achieve when we support each other.

The opportunity to come together as a Senior School community last Saturday highlighted another one of the special elements of being part of St Peter’s College.  On the pitches and courts, Houses battled it out to gain bragging rights for the winter sports competition. The spirit in which the boys participated for their Houses was nothing but exceptional. To see boys at the end of games, no matter the result, shake hands and thank each other for the spirit of competition highlights the levels of respect they hold for each other.

Off the pitch it was lovely to engage with families and see people connect. We must never lose sight of the importance of our connection with each other. Our Community Day was a day to celebrate what it means to be part of such a special community so thank you to everyone who helped to make the day what it was and thank you to each family for being in partnership with us as we continue to support our boys in all they set out to achieve.

As an Anglican School we have moments in the liturgical year where we come together to celebrate special moments. Thursday saw the whole Senior School engage positively in an Ascension Day Eucharist. We were challenged in the homily to consider art and how it can tell the story that theology sometimes struggles to explain. To witness our young people in worship together as part of our community again highlights the strength of being part of St Peter’s College.

The end of Week 2 has seen so many celebrations and the Mother’s Day Breakfast was a superb way to cap off a remarkable two weeks. It was also such a wonderful way to express our gratitude to mothers everywhere.  So thank you mums for all that you do to help our community thrive and flourish.

David Nolan
Deputy Headmaster