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At St Peter’s College, through our Wellbeing programs and daily practice, we explore self-regulation with our students daily as one of the VIA Institute on Character core character strengths. Further to this, within our Visible Wellbeing framework, and SEARCH pathways, we recognise self-regulation as a key to emotional management, attention and awareness and to supporting our development of habits and goals.

As our children grow and develop, and become increasingly independent, it is crucial they have the skills to self regulate; to manage time, control ‘appetites and emotions’, to plan effectively to reach goals. Knowing how important self-regulation is to living a successful life, we engaged with Dr Shyam Barr to more specifically unpack the skills which support self-regulated learning in our school context.

Having Shyam join us on campus to run a series of workshops this week has been a valuable opportunity for students and teachers alike to cultivate a toolkit of self-regulation strategies to use, both at school and more broadly in all areas of life. To use Shyam’s ‘Living room of the mind’ metphor, giving students skills of self-regulation are giving our students a remote control with a range of buttons to guide their attention and awareness throughout the school day. When speaking to Year 6 students, they articulated that distractions such as friends and technology, being tired and attention seeking, as things that were getting in the way of their learning. If our students are able to tell us what is getting in the way of their learning, it is our role to give them the tools and show them how to use these tools to direct their thinking and in turn learning.

Community Engagement  

I truly enjoyed connecting with members of our community at the Welcome Cocktail evening and am looking forward to the JSFoS Movie Night at 5pm, Saturday 2 March. You can book tickets here!

Please remember that I welcome your feedback and invite you to reach out at any time.

Have a great weekend.

Jasmine Taylor 
Deputy Headmaster / Head of Junior School

Important Upcoming Term 1 Events


9 April, 8:45 – 3pmYear 1 Outdoor Ed ExcursionBelair National Park
12 April, 8:45 – 9:30amPrep – Year 6 AssemblyMemorial Hall
12 AprilLast day of Term 1Junior School
15 April, 10:45 – 11:55amELC ‘Ride Your Bike’Junior School Hall
17 April, 10:45 – 11:55amELC ‘Ride Your Bike’Junior School Hall
30 AprilFirst day of Term 2Junior School
03 MayPrep – Year 6 AssemblyMemorial Hall
06 May, 9:00 - 12pmJunior School Cross CountryGirdlestone Oval
07 – 10 MayYear 5 CampFinniss & South Coast