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Starting the day in a positive way  

Mornings can be hectic, as we cross check our schedules to make sure our children are wearing the right uniform on the right day, that the right instrument is in the boot of the car, and that everyone in the house has taken the right lunch box and remembered their mouth guard, shoe box for craft, iPad, tennis racquet, blazer… and did everyone eat breakfast?

We know running a family involves much organisation and planning. Add in an early business meeting, needing to drop a daughter at a different school and a Senior School sibling’s 7am sports training can make for a fast, furious and early start to the day. We know we have parents in our community who need to drop their children off before our classrooms open at 8.15am. This is why we have introduced OSHC Breakfast Club this year.  

With safety and wellbeing of our students at the center of all we do, children arriving at school before 8.15am, who are not involved in scheduled, staff-led activities must attend OSHC Breakfast Club. We cannot have students unsupervised on School grounds and will be directing students to attend OSHC if they arrive prior to 8.15am.

Breakfast Club is open daily from 7am until 8.15am where a variety of cereal, toast and fresh fruit is provided for students. Additionally, activities are set up to extend boys’ interests, strengths, and needs, setting them up for a calm start to the day. Students in Prep to Year 2 are walked to their classroom with a staff member. Students in Year 3 or above make their own way to class at 8.15am.
Cost: $15 per session

Please contact Scott Duffield, our OSHC Coordinator, for further information on how to register your son for Breakfast Club via the Spike app:  

Alternatively, we will be in contact if your son attends Breakfast Club due to arriving at School before 8.15am.

We look forward to welcoming boys to our Breakfast Club to give them a positive start to the day.

Olympic Spirit – JSFoS Quiz Night and Annual Concert 

Not everyone is going to be able to head to Paris for the Olympics this year, but we all have a chance to attend the JSFoS Olympic Spirit Quiz Night – it’s sure to be a great night so book your tickets now. Our Years 5 and 6 families will be treated to celebration of music associated with the Olympic Games over the years at our Years 5 and 6 Annual Concert. Students in Years 5 and 6 along with the Junior School Concert Band, Stings, Choir, Chamber Choir, Swing Band, Rock Bands and Percussion Ensemble will be on stage.

I look forward to seeing you around the campus soon.

Kind regards,
Jasmine Taylor

10 JuneKings Birthday Public Holiday
11 JuneYear 6 ExcursionParliament House
11 June, 2.30pmYear 5 and 6 ChapelChapel
12 June, 9.00am - 3.00pmIPSHA Poetry FinalFunction Space
13 June, 8.45amJS Winter PhotosResidence Lawns
13 June, 8.45am-3.15pmYear 6 Artist in Residence LessonsArt room
14 June, 8.45am-3.15pmYear 6 Artist in Residence LessonsArt room
14 June, 8.45amYear 3 to 6 AssemblyMem Hall
14 June, 2.30pmP to 2 Assembly hosted by 2WJS Hall
15 June, 7.00pmJSFOS Quiz NightFunction Space
17 June, 8.45am - 3.00pmBastille Day Celebrations Year 5 and 6Classrooms
18 June, 8.45am-9.30amBastille Day Celebrations – Prep to Year 3Da Costa Kitchen
18 June, 2.00-2.30pmPrep to Year 2 ChapelChapel
18 June, 2.30-3.00pmYears 3 and 4 ChapelChapel
19 June, 11.30-1.00pmBastille Day Celebrations – Year 4Chapel
25 June, 1.30pmYear 5 and 6 Matinee ConcertMemorial Hall
25 June, 7.00pmYear 5 and 6 Evening ConcertMemorial Hall
27 June, 11.45-1.00pmSmith Family Marathon Finale Year 3Girdlestome Oval
28 June, 11.30amSt Peter’s Day Service- First CommunionMem Hall
28 June. 2.30pmPrep to Year 2 AssemblyMem Hall