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Grandparents and Special Friends’ Week 

It has been a joy to welcome Grandparents and Special Friends on campus over the past four days. Our students adored introducing their special visitors to their friends and teachers as well as proudly sharing examples of their learning too. As I walked past classrooms filled with multiple generations, students could be seen reading, playing games and talking animatedly, giving guests a window into our students’ world. Those who were able to attend the Headmaster’s tour of the historic precinct, were treated to an insightful lesson into the establishment and architecture of the walls and fields of St Peter’s College.

Our intergenerational visitors are so special, as education truly is a shared journey—one that spans generations and connects us through shared experiences, a love for learning, and of course the boys!

To all who joined us, thank you for making Grandparents and Special Friends’ Week a resounding success. The connections, stories, and support mean the world to students and teachers alike.

Thanks to Year 6 students, Ryan, Austin and Sean for playing the piano as our visitors arrived on Wednesday and Thursday morning. To the Junior School Friends of Saints committee members, thank you for your support in ushering visitors to locations and to the St Peter’s College Foundation for providing morning tea for visitors and students.

I look forward to seeing you around the grounds soon!

Enjoy the long weekend ahead.

Kind regards,
Jasmine Taylor

Important Upcoming Events


10 JuneKings Birthday Public Holiday
11 JuneYear 6 ExcursionParliament House
11 June, 2.30pmYear 5 and 6 ChapelChapel
12 June, 9.00am - 3.00pmIPSHA Poetry FinalFunction Space
13 June, 8.45amJS Winter PhotosResidence Lawns
13 June, 8.45am-3.15pmYear 6 Artist in Residence LessonsArt room
14 June, 8.45am-3.15pmYear 6 Artist in Residence LessonsArt room
14 June, 8.45amYear 3 to 6 AssemblyMem Hall
14 June, 2.30pmP to 2 Assembly hosted by 2WJS Hall
15 June, 7.00pmJSFOS Quiz NightFunction Space
17 June, 8.45am - 3.00pmBastille Day Celebrations Year 5 and 6Classrooms
18 June, 8.45am-9.30amBastille Day Celebrations – Prep to Year 3Da Costa Kitchen
18 June, 2.00-2.30pmPrep to Year 2 ChapelChapel
18 June, 2.30-3.00pmYears 3 and 4 ChapelChapel
19 June, 11.30-1.00pmBastille Day Celebrations – Year 4Chapel
25 June, 1.30pmYear 5 and 6 Matinee ConcertMemorial Hall
25 June, 7.00pmYear 5 and 6 Evening ConcertMemorial Hall
27 June, 11.45-1.00pmSmith Family Marathon Finale Year 3Girdlestome Oval
28 June, 11.30amSt Peter’s Day Service- First CommunionMem Hall
28 June. 2.30pmPrep to Year 2 AssemblyMem Hall