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Commissioning of our Junior School leaders


On Friday 2 February at a Commissioning Service led by our School Chaplain, Father Theo McCall, all Junior School student leaders affirmed their promise to fulfill their leadership obligations faithfully and to lead the student body with wisdom, courage and compassion. Chosen on account of the actions and attitudes they have demonstrated at school, within their academic, creativeand sporting pursuits, the boys were presented with their leadership badges in front of family and friends.

The service was also an opportunity to recognise all Year 6 students as new leaders within our community. In their final year of Junior School, with or without a badge or a title, they too are leaders within our school and expected to be role models, and show our younger students what it means to be strong and lovely and of good report.

Ahead of the service, I revisited and re read through the applications I had received from last year’s Year 5 students who expressed an interest in being a Junior School student leader. I couldn’t have been more impressed by the standard of emails and a very special handwritten letter, the students had written.

As a cohort the words shared with me show that our students know the power of forgiveness, the importance of humour and the value of committing to team goals. They know how privileged they are to be part of the St Peter’s College community of learning.

I have confidence in our Year 6 students and their leadership, because this year, I didn’t need to draw on inspiration from a book I had recently read to find a thought-provoking quote to share with the boys during the service.

Hugo, 2024 Co-Captain of Clayton Dyer wrote this in his application:

With my kindness, willingness, and open ears;
I will embrace uniqueness in each one of my peers;
I hope to work alongside the school leaders and with you;
To embrace St Peters College to be Blue, White and True.

I look forward to seeing our Year 6 students showing our younger students and the boys who have joined us this year what it means to be strong and lovely and of good report.

To quote Luke, Co-Captain of Stokes Ware, “Be a cherry blossom tree in a world of whomping willows; a spark of joy in the School!”

We congratulate the following students on their appointments:

Captain and Vice Captain
Beau Leon and Lachlan Bell

House Captains of Alliston Jones
Kriday Patel and Ethan Lee

House Captains of Brooks
Andrew Desyllas and William Dorman

House Captains of Clayton Dyer
Will Galea and Hugo Matthews

House Captains of Stokes Ware
Evan Higginson and Luke Nguyen

Specialist Areas
Art: Alastair Nguyen
Chinese: Shikhar Golla
French: Ronan Daly
Robotics: Sebastian Van Niekerk
Sport: Will Allgrove
Library: Oliver Skeer
Music: Hughie Manifold



Car Park Procedures


To support safety and avoid car park congestion, please follow the below Car Park Procedures:

Start of Day

  • Use the Drop Off zones
  • Only park in the parking bays (not the drop off zones)
  • Allow your son to walk independently from drop off zones (not the road ramp leading up to the car park)

End of Day

  • Let your son wait for you in the bus shelters and use the drive through pick up zones. For Year 3-6 students, arriving at 3.30pm will allow your son time to get to the bus shelter ready for collection

Please note, parent cars are not to remain in the Junior School Carpark during the school day as this reduces the number of car parks available for short stay pick up and drop off of students.


Before School – OSHC


Thank you to parents who completed the Before School Care survey at the beginning of the term. We are pleased to announce that we have commenced a service in our OSHC room, located in the Bickersteth Building, starting at 7am until 8.30am on School days. Students are provided with cereal, toast, fruit. Students in Prep through to Year 2 are accompanied to their classrooms ready for the start of day. Bookings can be made via the Lunch, SEA, OSHC and Online Bookings tile in Keystone. Please email Scott Duffield, OSHC Coordinator, for more information


Hair Cut Reminder


A high standard of personal dress and presentation is always required. While boys are encouraged to take responsibility for their standards of presentation, parents are expected to send their sons to school appropriately presented.

Hair must be neatly presented at all times and in a style appropriate to wear with the St Peter’s College uniform. Cuts, styles or colours which, in the opinion of the School, are extreme, not a natural hair colour or show significant contrast in length are not acceptable. Hair should be no shorter than a number 3. Hair must be above the collar, and fringe length must not be below the eyebrows nor tucked behind the ears. The School will exercise discretion in determining whether or not a haircut or style is acceptable. Students who do not comply will be sent home until hair is considered acceptable by the School.

Please see the Uniform Handbook for further information on presentation.

Have a great weekend.

Jasmine Taylor
Head of Junior School

Important Upcoming Term 1 Events


28 May, 2.30pmYears 5 and 6 ChapelChapel
29 May, 9.00-11.00amYear 1 IncursionHiggins Hall
29 May, 9.00-11.00amPrep/Reception ExcursionBotanic Gardens
31 May. 8.45amPrep to Year 6 AssemblyMemorial Hall
31 May, 9.40amBehind the Book FestivalLibrary and Classrooms
3 June, 9.00amELC Grandparent and Special Friends MorningELC
3 June, 7.30pmJSFOS MeetingFunction Space
4 June, 9.00amPrep to Year 2 Grandparent and Special Friends MorningClassrooms and Higgins Hall
4 June, 2.00pmPrep to Year 2 ChapelChapel
4 June, 2.30pmYears 3 and 4 ChapelChapel
15 June, 7.00pmJSFOS Quiz NightFunction Space
25 June, 1.30pmYear 5 and 6 Matinee ConcertMemorial Hall
25 June, 7.00pmYear 5 and 6 Evening ConcertMemorial Hall