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Last week’s intercol fixtures against PAC provided some exceptional contests across all sports and year levels. It is a privilege for all involved in our sports program to be able to conclude each winter season with matches against our great rivals. The respect shown to these contests by both schools is unique and this year the quality of matches provided wonderful spectacles for all students, families, staff, old scholars and friends who were in attendance.

There were a number of highlights for me from the fixtures I attended. Ashton Haseldine’s (Year 12) effort in the First XV Rugby contest when he ran with the flight of the ball and launched himself fearlessly over the top of two opponents was remarkable. Shiva Mukherjee’s (Year 11) performance as third speaker in the debating contest provided a beautiful rebuttal of the opponents’ argument and deservedly landed him the award as best debater on the night. And the efforts of Year 5 table tennis star Glen Li (Year 5), who was competing against students up to seven years older than him on Friday evening, was exceptional.

I’d like to thank and congratulate all our students for the way they conducted themselves as both competitors and spectators. All games were played in excellent spirit and boys supported their mates in a way that was appropriate, positive and united. It was most pleasing to see our boys’ behaviour characterised by our values of truth, respect and service. Well done to all involved.

Thank you to all coaches and managers who worked with our teams over the course of the winter season. We very much appreciate your efforts to support the development of all players, teach the fundamentals of your respective sports and embrace the values that underpin our attitude to competition.

One of the great joys for me over the past four years has been my involvement in coaching the Year 7 football and cricket teams. Coaching both of these sports has provided an opportunity for me, as Head of Middle Years, to connect with many of the Year 7 cohort and their families. Last Saturday was my final opportunity to coach here at Saints, and I will miss this greatly. I’d like to thank all the boys I’ve had the privilege of coaching over my time at St Peter’s College.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this part of my role and will take with me many fond memories of these experiences.

James Tamblyn
Deputy Headmaster/Head of Senior School