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It was uplifting to see the campus alive with sporting activity on Saturday, and Adelaide delivered beautiful weather for the occasion.

I managed to walk most boundaries, touch and side-lines, and enjoyed catching up with many of you, without distracting too much, of course, from the showcase of the boys’ efforts and talents being put to the test under the pressure of competition.

Piecing together comments from the various match reports over the last week offers a reflection of the boys’ experience, but also, I hope, a snapshot of the broader culture of St Peter’s College:

  • In a tight game from start to finish the boys displayed great composure.
  • The boys did an excellent job of following the game plan.
  • Overall, the effort and attitude could not be faulted all game.
  • Great to see the boys listening and responding well to feedback.
  • It really was a very unselfish performance.
  • We did not shy away from the challenge.
  • The communication was great between the players.
  • The boys really stepped up by giving each other encouragement.
  • With a focus on teamwork, the boys banded together.
  • All in all, it was a well-constructed team effort.
  • The players displayed tenacity in very competitive passages of play.
  • The boys demonstrated excellent sportsmanship and tried hard.
  • The teamwork was at the centre of each win.

I love the last comment – from the match report from the Middle B1 Table Tennis team coach, “Teamwork was at the centre of each win”. I highlighted exactly this comment in our Muster this week and encouraged all students to deliver on its message in the fixtures and challenges ahead.

St Peter’s College aspires to offer an inclusive and outstanding sporting experience for all of our students. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly to provide feedback in this regard.

Marcus Blackburn
Deputy Headmaster/Head of Senior School