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The Jazz Concert in Memorial Hall last Friday night was an outstanding display of musical talent. In an Intercol week, I couldn’t help but draw some sporting parallels, acknowledging and admiring that behind each performance was a long program of commitment and rehearsal. Whether it is music, sport, drama, debating or Maths@Saints, it is not hard to see the hours of practice that go into a great performance or a great result. We will see this again, no doubt, in the Intercol events ahead.

This will be my first Intercol and I would like to thank David Docwra for his recent video, which reminds us, in a very positive way, that we are all part of a greater cause. Students were shown this video in Muster and it was not hard to see the sense of pride lift in the room. Thank you, Mr Docwra.

I look forward to attending all Intercol events, and I feel privileged to be invested as a coach in one of them. No doubt the development and journey of the 1st XV rugby squad is not dissimilar to the preparation of all other sports and activities.

I shared in Muster that the weekly goals of the 1st XV should be seen as equally relevant to all students whether they are involved in an Intercol fixture this week or not. Each week, the rugby squad has pledged to (i) work hard, (ii) support each other, and (iii) deliver on efforts in training. I am sure our other Intercol teams have made similar commitments.

I appealed to students in Muster to be mindful of how they support from the sidelines or boundary lines. For rugby, we asked students to applaud hard work, recognise effort, and encourage the players to stick to their plan. I also asked our students not to jeer at the PAC players, nor try and distract them. Not just out of sportsmanship or in the spirit of partnership, but because of the fact that we wanted PAC to be at their best. With PAC at their best, there is then a far greater sense of achievement and pride in our victory.

I would like to thank our Year 12 leaders for continuing the “chants” tradition. The impression we make on our opponents is important. We should ensure this impression is founded on strength-in-unity and love-for-our community, as our School prayer guides us.

It is great to see the banners up around the School and the ovals painted. Thank you to all of our sports and grounds staff in their preparation to date.

Let the games commence.

Marcus Blackburn
Deputy Headmaster/Head of Senior School