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‘I see you and I am here’ is the concept at the heart of our planning in the Early Years this year. It is an invitation to participate in each other’s lives in an effort to build a strong sense of belonging, being, and becoming at St Peter’s College. We are supporting the boys in developing their individual identity alongside a sense of brotherhood with their peers. The rights and responsibilities of being a citizen in our complex world.  

To begin this exploration the educators and boys have been exploring the school grounds to develop a very concrete understanding of the ‘here’. Our three year old’s are creating a three dimensional map of the Early Years using a myriad of mark making techniques to record their impressions. Clay carrots from our vegetable garden, magpies that visit us, and dates from the palms, mud paintings with the earth from the digging patch, prints of the lawn. Early Years C have become fascinated by the history and architecture of Memorial Hall. They are using clay, blocks and drawings to deepen their understanding. They have even started to transform the windows in their homeroom into stain glass (with cellophane) to replicate the windows of Memorial Hall.  

Early Years G have begun to extend on this notion to explore the way animals and people communicate and make connections. Did you know elephants can communicate by the vibrations made when they stomp their feet!? That whales have a technique called sky hopping?! This art of listening and connecting with others is rich in literacy learning and fundamental to their journey together at SPSC.  

The boys and educators continue to, explore our School and develop their identity as both individuals and a group of learners, in order to make their mark on the map! 

Holly Baulderstone
Head of Early Years