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The last fortnight’s events have been a tremendous culmination of what has been an extremely successful year. To think that a year ago the Year 6 Graduation, Speech Day, Reception Nativity and Early Learning Centre Concert, were all performed in front of a video camera and sent home as a video link. We are blessed to have been able to share these special occasions with families and friends as the school year draws to a close.

Yesterday’s Celebration Day reflected an incredible happiness within our community; boys danced to music performed by student and staff bands on the Girdlestone Oval, they squealed with delight as they scaled inflatable water slides, ran laps as they collected bursts of colour and competed against one another in the pop up arcade in the Function Space. There was an incredible energy among staff and students on campus at a time when we should all be exhausted.

The accomplishments celebrated at the Years 3 to 6 Speech Day along side the joy we have seen in the boys’ experiences, not only this week, but throughout the year, reflects the work of an incredible Junior School team; driving academic rigour whilst finding time for balance, fun and wellbeing.

I am grateful for the staff who have given the boys such wonderful learning and life experiences this year.

I would also like to thank Caleb Scott, Junior School Captain, and Ryan Weinert, Junior School Vice Captain, for their leadership this year.

I would also like to thank the following students for the leadership they have demonstrated for the students in their respective houses, and subject areas.

Subjects Captains

  • Art: Aarav Kochar
  • Music: Ned Manifold
  • Sport: Jordy Browne

House Captains

  • Alliston Jones: Hunter Di Blasio and Adi Baghel
  • Brookes: Krishn Arora and Joshua Maung
  • Clayton Dyer: Daniel Spyrou and Sebastian Harms
  • Stokes-Ware: Sam Lake and Jerry Liu

I am extremely pleased to introduce our 2022 Junior School Student Leaders.

  • Junior School Captain: Andrew Lucas
  • Junior School Vice Captain: Charlie Johnson

Subjects Captains

  • Art: Aarnav Sanghavi
  • Music: Elliot Lam
  • Sport: Matthew Harris

House Captains

  • Alliston Jones: Austin Speirs and Callum Foreman
  • Brookes: Aarit Kothari and Jenson Lau
  • Clayton Dyer: Phillip Makooh and George Bass
  • Stokes-Ware: Harry Steele and George Iles

2022 Term Dates

Term 1 (11 weeks)
Tuesday 1 February  Term 1 commences
Thursday 14 April  Term 1 concludes
Term 2 (9 weeks)
Tuesday 3 May Term 2 commences
Friday 1 July Term 2 concludes
 Term 3 (10 weeks)
Tuesday 26 July Term 3 commences
Friday 30 September Term 3 concludes
Term 4 (8 weeks)
Tuesday 18 October  Term 4 commences
Friday 9 December  Term 4 concludes

Wishing you and your families a safe and joyous Christmas and I look forward to welcoming you back to the School in the new year.

Jasmine Taylor
Head of Junior School