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Not having to wear masks, maintain physical distancing, worry about vaccination status, and roll-out online learning communication has certainly been a refreshing way to start the 2023 school year. It has been wonderful to see parents and teachers connect, particularly at the Parent Information sessions held on Monday and Tuesday of this week; a great contrast to last year’s virtual sessions.   

I am grateful for the positive and calm start the students have had to 2023!  

Commissioning of our Junior School Leaders  

On Friday 3 February at a Commissioning Service led by our School Chaplain, Father Theo McCall, all Junior School student leaders affirmed their promise to fulfill their leadership obligations faithfully and to lead the student body with wisdom, courage and compassion.  

Chosen on account of the actions and attitudes they have demonstrated at school, within their academic, creative and sporting pursuits, the boys were presented with their leadership badges in front of family and friends.    

The service was also an opportunity to recognise all Year 6 students as new leaders within our community. In their final year of Junior School, with or without a badge or a title, they too are leaders within our School and are expected to be role models, and show our younger students what it means to be strong and lovely and of good report.  

Even when our students are not wearing a badge or their school uniform, whether they are at school or at home, the movies, the beach, visiting grandparents, I hope they model our school values of truth, respect and service. Acting with integrity, doing the right thing, even when there is no one watching as well as standing up against injustice. Brene Brown sums up what we expect of our students: ”daring leaders who live into their values are never silent about hard things“.  

 We congratulate the following students on their appointments: 

  • Junior School Captain: Tyler Gao  
  • Junior School Vice-Captain: Felix Siow 
  • Art: Thomas Wallett  
  • Music: Harry Passaris  
  • Sport: Leo Carter  
  • Chinese: Zain Shahyan  
  • French: Shrihan Kulkharni  
  • Library: Aryan Shilotri and Ted Fabian  
  • Robotics: Angas Hollington 
  • House Captains of Alliston Jones: Bryan Wu and James Hollington  
  • House Captains of Brooks: Hamish Hill and Frank Maidment  
  • House Captains of Clayton Dyer: Isaac Campbell and William Bouchard  
  • House Captains of Stokes Ware: Samuel Brett and Oliver Larkin  


Car Park Procedures 

To support safety and avoid car park congestion, please follow the below Car Park Procedures:  

Start of Day  

  • Use the drop off zones   
  • Only park in the parking bays (not the drop off zones) 
  • Allow your son to walk independently from drop off zones (not the road ramp leading up to the car park)  

 End of Day  

  • Let your son wait for you in the bus shelters and use the drive through pick up zones. For Years 3 to 6 students, arriving at 3.30pm will allow your son time to get to the bus shelter ready for collection 

 Please note, parent cars are not to remain in the Junior School car park during the school day as this reduces the number of car parks available for short stay pick up and drop off of students.  

Breakfast Club Pilot  

We have commenced a Breakfast Club Pilot, from 7.30am- 8.30am on school days. Located in Old Palm House, students are provided with cereal, toast, fruit and accompanied to their classrooms ready for the start of day. Please email Angie Storer for more information.  

Hair Cut Reminder 

A high standard of personal dress and presentation is always required. While boys are encouraged to take responsibility for their standards of presentation, parents are expected to send their sons to school appropriately presented.  

Hair must be neatly presented at all times and in a style appropriate to wear with the St Peter’s College uniform. Cuts, styles or colours which, in the opinion of the School, are extreme, not a natural hair colour or show significant contrast in length are not acceptable. Hair should be no shorter than a number 3. Hair must be above the collar, and fringe length must not be below the eyebrows nor tucked behind the ears. The School will exercise discretion in determining whether or not a haircut or style is acceptable. Students who do not comply will be sent home until hair is considered acceptable by the School.  

 Please see the Uniform Handbook for further information on presentation.  

 Have a wonderful weekend.   

Jasmine Taylor 
Head of Junior School  


Dates for the Diary:   
Years 5 and 6 Swimming  Weeks 2 and 3  Burchnall Sports Centre 
Years 5 and 6 Chapel  14 February, 2.30pm  The Chapel 
THRASS Parent Information Session  15 February, 8.45am  Function Space 
Prep to Year 6 Assembly  17 February, 8.45am  Memorial Hall 
Years 3 and 4 Swimming  Weeks 4 and 5  Burchnall Sports Centre 
Shrove Tuesday Breakfast  21 February, 8.15am  Palm House Shelter Shed 
Prep to Year 2 Chapel  21 February, 2.00pm  The Chapel 
Year 1 Excursion to Belair National Park  Tuesday, 21 February 2023, 8:45am – 3:00pm  Belair National Park 
Years 3 and 4 Chapel  21 February, 2.30pm  The Chapel 
NAPLAN Practice Test  28 February  Junior School Locations 
Years 3 -6 Assembly  3 March, 8.45am  Memorial Hall 
Junior Primary Assembly (Hosted by 2B) 3 March, 2.30pm  Junior School Hall 
JSFoS Movie Night  4 March, 5.30pm  Palm House Oval