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I absolutely loved watching the Matilda’s play in the FIFA Women’s World Cup competition over the past month, with a highlight for me being the France vs Australia game on Saturday 12 August. My husband and I watched it at the Fan Festival at Festival Plaza, where the atmosphere was awesome! Being in a large crowd of supporters, watching Australia win 7-6 on penalties was both stressful and exhilarating. It gave me a similar feeling to the one I have when I watch Junior School teams play, at School, away and, in particular, at PAC.  

There is, however, a difference.  

During the penalty shoot-out between Australia and France, there was a group of Matilda’s supporters who, when it was France’s turn to shoot, started shouting, ‘Miss it, miss it!’ 

I wasn’t able to enjoy the anticipation of whether Mackenzie Arnold was going to save a goal, but was distracted by the supporters who were putting energy into putting the other team down. Why weren’t they shouting ‘Save it’ to the Australian goalkeeper? Why weren’t they shouting words of encouragement to Arnold?  

In the lead up to our Junior School Intercollegiate fixtures with Prince Alfred College, I asked our students to consider the difference between using rivalry and competition as an opportunity to elevate ourselves or using it as an occasion to put an opposition team down.  

Congratulations to all our Junior School teams, coaches, managers and supporters for uplifting our SPSC students, rather than discouraging others, on the sidelines over the course of the winter sports season. 


Carpark Safety – Balls  

A number of students have been observed playing with balls in the car park area, unsupervised by parents, before teacher supervision begins at 8.15am.  

I would like to kindly remind everyone about the importance of ensuring our children’s safety within our school premise and for your support in discouraging students from playing ball games in the carpark area.  

If you need to drop your son off before teacher supervision begins, you can book into Breakfast Club which runs from 7.30am until 8.15am in the Early Learning Centre. Bookings can be made via the online and lunch order tile on Keystone or email for further information. 

Have a lovely weekend.  

Jasmine Taylor
Head of Junior School  



Important Upcoming Term 3 Events 


Monday, 4 Sept, 7.00pm  JSFOS Meeting  Function Space 
Tuesday, 5 Sept, 2.30-3.00pm  Years 5 and 6 Chapel  Chapel 
Wednesday, 6 Sept   Junior Orator Finals  Junior School Function Space 
Wednesday, 6 Sept, 9.30am  Prep visit to Vailima  Vailima 
Wednesday, 6 Sept, 10.00am  Year 4 Excursion  St Peter’s Cathedral 
Thursday, 7 Sept  P-2 Pyjama Day  Classrooms 
Friday, 8 Sept, 8.45am  P-6 Assembly  Mem Hall 
Friday, 8 Sept, 2.30pm  Tournament of Minds Practice Session  Various 
Sunday 10 Sept, 1.00-5.00pm  Tournament of Minds Practice Session  Junior School Function Space 
Monday,11 Sept, 9.00am  Additional House Singing Rehearsal  Various 
Tuesday, 12 Sept,2.00pm  Prep to Year 2 Chapel  Chapel 
Tuesday, 12 Sept,2.30pm  Year 3 and 4  Chapel 
Tuesday, 12 Sept,3.30-8.00pm  3-Way Conferences  Various 
Wednesday,13 Sept, 9.30am  Prep visit to Vailima  Vailima 
Thursday, 14 Sept,3.30-6.30pm  3-Way Conferences  Various 
Friday, 15 Sept, 2.30pm  Tournament of Minds Prac Session  Various