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The last fortnight has been so incredibly eventful, it is really hard to know where to start when reflecting on what has been happening; hosting the Robocup State Championships, guest author visits from Phil Cummings and Bethany Clark, excursions to the Adelaide Planetariam and the Adelaide Zoo, music ensembles competing in the ABODA and Eistedfodd competitions, Science Week activities, Winter House Games and an unexpected visit from the Metropolitan Fire Service…

And then….. a moment arose, to pause and reflect on our exceptional community of learning. Spending time with Stan Grant, our Rex J Lipman Fellow, was an opportunity for our students to consider the incredible opportunities they have been given by attending St Peter’s College. Students in Years 3 to 6 attended an extraordinary Assembly where Mr Grant spoke about his childhood, his schooling and his global adventures. He spoke about how each and every one of our unique stories is of value.  

Our students’ stories are diverse, complicated and joyful. They are linked to parents, siblings, peers, friends, family, experiences, places the stories they read and our School.   

Amongst so many poignant messages shared by Stan over the course of Wednesday, my greatest take away was the reminder that regardless of our stories, we are all interconnected, and what a comfort this is in a world that feels so disconnected.   

JSFoS Crafternoon  

The Junior School Friends of Saints are pleased to be hosting their inaugural ‘Crafternoon’ ahead of next week’s Book Week! If you haven’t already crafted your son’s costume and want to avoid a shop bought costume this year, please come and join other families in the Junior School Function Space on Saturday 9 August, 1pm – 4pm. For further information and to RSVP please email 

Car park Safety – balls  

A number of students have been observed playing with balls in the car park area, unsupervised by parents, before teacher supervision begins at 8.15am.  

I would like to kindly remind everyone about the importance of ensuring our children’s safety within our school premise and for your support in discouraging students from playing ball games in the car park area.  

If you need to drop your son off before teacher supervision begins, you can book into Breakfast Club which runs from 7.30am until 8.15am in the Early Learning Centre. Bookings can be made via the online and lunch order tile on Keystone or email for further information.  

Have a great weekend.  

Jasmine Taylor
Head of Junior School  

Important Upcoming Term 3 Events  

21 August, 8.45am  Book Week Parade and Story Telling Event  Girdlestone Oval 
22 August, 2.30pm  Years 5 and 6 Chapel  Chapel 
23 August, 9.00am  ICAS Spelling Assessment  Function Space 
23 August, 11.30am  Prep Weekly visit to Vailima  Vailima 
23 August, 1.45pm  Palm House Book Week Rotations  Palm House Classrooms 
24 August, 9.00am  ICAS Spelling Assessment  Function Space 
24 August, 11.30am  Music Group Photos  The Avenues 
25 August, 8.45am  Years 3 to 6 Assembly  Memorial Hall 
25 August, 2.30pm  Prep to Year 2 Assembly – hosted by 1T  Junior School Hall 
25 August, 2.30pm  Tournament of the Minds Rehearsal  Higgins Hall 
27 August, 1.00-5.00pm  Tournament of the Minds Rehearsal  Function Space 
28 August, 5.30pm  Canberra Parent Information Session  Function Space 
29 August, 8.45am  Class and Individual Photos  The Avenues 
29 August, 2.00pm  Prep to Year 2 Chapel  Chapel 
29 August, 2.30pm  Years 3 and 4 Chapel  Chapel 
30 August, 9.00am  ICAS Maths Assessment Year 5 and 6  Function Space 
30 August, 11.30am  Prep Weekly visit to Vailima  Vailima 
31 August, 8.45am  ICAS Maths Assessment Year 2 to 4  Function Space 
1 September, 8.45am  Year 3 Camp Parent Information Session  3M and 3N  classroom