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It really was wonderful to welcome parents to the Junior School House Singing Competition last Friday.

This year’s House Singing competition theme was Powerful Women: The boys channeled the music and lyrics of Madonna, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga through their song selections at the event, led by their dedicated and talented Heads of House, Mr Burridge, Mrs James, Mrs Bartholomaeus and Mr Athanasiou.

The powerful women theme meant much more than the boys belting out a couple of powerful rock and pop ballads. Looking at what has been happening in Afghanistan where many women have lost the right to work and the opportunity to gain an education, we should not take for granted the rights we have at St Peter’s College, in Australia. We should continue to speak up where we see inequality.

In the last nine months we have been fortunate to welcome Fiona Dorman, the Chair of the National Council of Women SA Branch, to speak to us about the important work that the council does to advance the status of women. We have had Bec Ordish, the founder of the Mitraata Foundation speak to our Year 6 students about gender inequality particularly prevalent in Nepal. Parents and students in our community were able to hear 2021 Australian of the Year Grace Tame speak in Memorial Hall last Tuesday night. In Religious and Values Education lessons, Mrs Bleby and students have been talking about strong women of the Old Testament: Esther, Rahab and Deborah.

Our school prayer makes reference to being strong and lovely which we use as a measure of what is means to be a good man. A balance of strength and love. It is also an excellent measure of what it means to be a good woman.

As we enjoyed the House performances it was easy to think of our mothers, aunties, grandmothers, sisters, cousins, teachers, colleagues and friends who are indeed strong and lovely women.

We were thrilled to have special guest Rachael Leahcar join our panel of judges alongside our staff guest judges Ms Georgia Brass and Mrs Jeri Williams. Rachael performed a spectacular rendition of Edith Piaf’s La Vie En Rose; the song she sang when she successfully auditioned for The Voice in 2012.

Congratulations to all Houses with a special mention to Clayton-Dyer who won the trophy with their Taylor Swift ‘Shake it Off’ performance.

Other Happenings

We have had an incredibly busy week to conclude Term 3! The Years 1 and 2 concert was held on Wednesday afternoon and evening. Praise to all students and staff who took us on a trip down memory lane, or rather Sesame Street, through their musical and dance performances. Reception students enjoyed a Wheels Day on Monday, which brought roller blades, bikes, trikes and scooters to the Avenue. Our Year 3 students held a Travel Expo to showcase their HASS learning. The Junior School Friends’ of Saints held a coffee morning catered for by our Barista Boys on Thursday. This was followed by our annual Years 3 to 6 Sports Day.

We are so fortunate to continue to provide an exceptional breadth and range of experiences for our students to enjoy.

I wish you and your family a safe and restful holiday and I look forward to welcoming you ready for an engaging Term 4.

Jasmine Taylor
Head of Junior School

Dates for the Diary

Term 4 Camps and Ventures Date
Year 3 Camp – Finniss Wed 13 October – Fri 15 October
Year 4 Camp – Finniss Wed 20 October – Fri 22 October
Year 6 Camp – Kangaroo Island Mon 25 October– Fri 29 October
Year 2 Sleepover – St Peter’s College Fri 5 November – Sat 6 November