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As we hurtle towards the end of the 2022 academic year, our calendars are filled with the Reception Nativity, transition visits, step up days, Year 6 Graduation, Speech Day, Carols in the Cathedral, the Palm House Pageant, and many other end of year celebrations. It is hard to remember a time when only two parents per student were allowed to attend the Reception Nativity or the Year 6 Graduation was recorded for parents to view from home. Let us hope that our community is not impacted by illness as we approach the end of term.

On Tuesday this week, students from Walford Anglican School for Girls spent a day with our Year 4 students, completing collaborative team building challenges. Next week, Year 3 students will be visiting Seymour College for a day of fun building Friendship skills, using our THRASS knowledge and possibly working on some Big Write activities, and Year 2 students will be heading out to meet students from St Peter’s Girls School at Heywood Park for a play, having hosted the girls on our campus for a friendship day earlier this term. Further to this, we will be hosting a Year 6 Social for girls who attend the aforementioned schools along with students from Wilderness School this evening. As the memory of COVID restrictions slowly fades, and the ability to collaborate with other schools is again possible, it is excellent to put an emphasis on giving our boys coeducational experiences, in view of building positive and respectful relationships with girls and women. We look forward to building in additional opportunities for the boys to work alongside girls through our partnerships with Seymour, St Peters’ Girls, Walford and Wilderness.

Car Park Courtesy
Please remember, particularly at this busy time of year, to be respectful of one another in the car park. Mounting curbs and parking in drop off zones is both dangerous and honking horns impatiently is discourteous.

I look forward to celebrating the achievements of all of our students at a range of events over the final two weeks of the academic year.

Mrs Jasmine Taylor
Head of Junior School

Diary Dates

28 November 2022 8.45am Barista Boy Morning Tea
1.00pm Tennis Lunch
29 November 2022 1.00pm-1.45pm Library Magic Show
2.30-3.00pm Years 5 and 6 Chapel
30 November 2022 5.30pm Reception Nativity Performance
1 December 2022 8.30am-3.00pm Sumo Competition
2.00-3.00pm Year 6 Migration Showcase
8.45am-2.45pm Year 3 Visit to Seymour College
11.00am-2.30pm Year 2 Visit to St Peter’s Girls’ School
2 December 2022 9.15am-3.00pm Step Up Day
9.30-10.30am ELC Transition Visit
11.00am-12.30pm Reception and Prep Transition Visit
11.30am-12.30pm Prep – Year 5 Assembly, Memorial Hall
5 December 2022 1.45-3.00pm Year 6 Graduation
5.00-7.00pm Year 6 Celebration at The Beach House
6 December 2022 2.00-2.30pm Prep – Year 2 Chapel
2.30-3.00pm Years 3 and 4 Chapel
7 December 2022 1.45pm Years 3 to 6 Speech Day
8 December 2022 11.00am ELC Concert
9 December 2022 9.15am Palm House Pageant
12.30pm Dismissal