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It is wonderful to be able to take the boys off campus and use Adelaide as our classroom once again. On Thursday 27 August, Year 1 students visited the Adelaide Central Markets, accompanied by parents and staff. The excursion was a culmination of exceptional trans-disciplinary learning. During this experience the boys built upon their learning in Mathematics, when working with money, Geography in navigating their way around the market, and cultural awareness, as they identified and purchased items of family significance. I was delighted to see one boys return with Bejgli, a Hungarian poppy seed cake, reminiscent of the one my own Nagymama (which means grandmother in Hungarian) used to make. The visit was also an opportunity for our boys to practice sustainability. Each boy took their own canvas bag, which they had decorated themselves, to remove the use of single plastics when shopping. Thank you to the Zhang family who hosted us for lunch at their Chinese restaurant, Chirin.

Throughout the week, the Year 2 classes have also taken their learning outside of the school grounds looking into the natural and built environment within and outside the campus. The students will reflect on this experience in the coming weeks, and generate questions to learn more about our past and present.

This learning experience demonstrates that individual subjects, such as Mathematics and Geography, do not exist in isolation. I believe that in taking our students’ learning outside of the tidy confines of subjects and outside of our School walls, we give them a richer and more meaningful understanding of the world. As further restrictions lift, I look forward to more year levels leaving campus to use Adelaide as our classroom.

No Hat No Play from Tuesday 1 September
In line with our SunSmart policy, we require students to wear a St Peter’s College sun hat during outdoor play times starting on Tuesday 1 September.

Playgrounds After School
Can I please remind parents to refrain from letting their sons use the playgrounds after the school day. These areas are not supervised by our staff outside of school hours.

Car Park Drop off and Pick Up: Arrangements to continue
Thank you for continuing to help us promote physical distancing during drop off and pick up. Please continue to follow the procedures previously outlined.

Dates for the Diary

Monday 31 August
Sibling Photos in the Function Area from 12.40 pm to 1.40 pm

Tuesday 1 September
Footsteps Dance sessions for Years 1 and 3 in the Junior School Hall from 10.45 pm to 12.15 pm

Thursday 3 September
Chapel for Years 4 to 6 in the Chapel

Friday 4 September
Years 3 to 6 Assembly in the Junior School Hall from 9.00 am – 9.45 am
Footsteps Dance sessions for Years 1 and 3 in the Junior School Hall from 10.45 pm – 12.15 pm
Reception to Year 2 Assembly in the Junior School Hall at 2.30 pm

Monday 7 September
Debating Round 3 in Meeting Room 1
JSF0S Meeting in Meeting Room 1, commencing at 7.30 pm.

Tuesday 8 September
Year 6 Mindlab Final Competition in the Science Lab
Footsteps Dancing Lessons for Year 1 and Year 3 classes in the Junior School Hall
Debating Round 3 in Meeting Room 1 at 3.45 pm

Wednesday 9 September
Year 4 classes visiting The Cathedral – 11:00 am – 1:30 pm
Debating Round 3 – 3.45 pm – Meeting Room 1

Thursday 10 September
Chapel Service for Years 1-3 – Chapel

Friday 11 September
House Singing in Memorial Hall from 8.45 am to 10.15 am
Footsteps Dance sessions for Years 1 and 3 in the Junior School Hall from 10.45 pm to 12.15 pm

Every Wednesday
Wipe Out Waste Wednesday. Please aim to minimise disposable packaging at all times but let’s make an extra effort on Wednesdays.

Please remember that my door is always open and that I always welcome your feedback and questions.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Jasmine Taylor
Head of Junior School