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Over the last fortnight the Junior School calendar has been filled with a plethora of events, excursions, competitions, concerts, visitors and celebrations. It really is testament to the wide-ranging opportunities that our students have access to at St Peter’s College.  

Our boys have demonstrated their musical prowess at the House singing event, at the Year 1 and 2 ‘Songs of Friendship Concert’, at assembly and at a range of Chamber Concerts for individual music students. We have celebrated successes and participation in the EK Shield Chess Championship, the State Robocup Finals, Cross Country Relay, and Mind Lab Olympics competition held in Budapest, Hungary. Our Year 4s have visited St Peter’s Cathedral to support their learning in Religious and Values Education and our Year 3s have visited Wilderness for a buddy visit.  

Author in residence, Phil Cummings, has worked with students to further inspire the boys interest in both reading and writingThe list, as you would know from your own son’s calendar, is not limited to the aforementioned and reflects the exceptional community of learning we have at Saints. Please do read the other Junior School newsletters to find out more about the happenings of the last two weeks.  

I would like to thank Katherine Andonas for teaching 1J this term while Kristy Johnson has been on long-service leave.  The boys and parents have enjoyed having Katherine in their class and look forward to Kristy’s return in Term 4.  We also thank Olivia Jones for teaching in ELC C while Anne Cowan has been on long service leave and look forward to seeing Anne return at the beginning of Term 4.   

Junior School Summer Uniform
Boys are reminded to return to School in Term 4 dressed in their summer uniform, which includes: 

  • Short sleeve banded shirt with school crest (R – 6) 
  • Summer grey shorts (R – 6) 
  • Brown sandals or long summer socks and black shoes (R – 6). Boys in Reception and Year 1 may wear velcro black shoes) 
  • Saints hat for play, PE lessons and school sport (R – 6) 

Summer Socks Sale
A friendly reminder that our boys’ socks need to be worn so that they can be pulled up to the knee with the tops folded down so that the blue and white hoops are visible. With our boys growing over the winter months, I anticipate that some of our summer uniform socks may come up short as we commence Term 4.  

We will be selling summer socks at Junior School Reception on Tuesday 15 October before School between 8.00am and 8.30am and after School between 2.45pm and 3.30pm.  

I wish you and your family a safe and restful holiday and look forward to seeing you all in Term 4.  

Jasmine Taylor
Head of Junior School