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It has been an exciting time in our Junior Primary classrooms as we have been able to re-stock our home reading books, thanks to the generosity of the Junior School Friends of Saints.

Teachers, parents and importantly boys, had noticed that some of our books were looking a little dated and some were very ‘well loved’ and so it became a priority to replace these and provide more choice.

An extra 550 new and exciting books have been added. All colours of the home reading boxes and new boxes have been made up to provide more choice and variety at each level. Our aim is to provide engaging and motivating reading material at all levels to enable a breadth and variety of text to be experienced. Non-fiction books linked to Science topics, stories from different cultures, hobbies and interests, play scripts, adventures and historical stories have been added. Something for everyone!

As you can imagine, this is an expensive project, and we would like to thank JSFoS for their generous donation to enable us to purchase such a wide variety of literature.

To enhance the reading experience even further we have also invested in Pearson e-Readers which will be available for boys to read on their iPads. Books will be at the same level as their home reading books and allocated by the class teacher.  Allocated books will also be used during Guided Reading sessions in the classroom.

Thank you once again to JSFoS for their generous donation.

Mrs Slinger
Head of Junior Years – Learning and Teaching Excellence