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Accelium is a new games-based program introduced into the Junior School this term. The strategy games help to develop and improve thinking skills, whilst introducing effective learning strategies, and the ability to reflect.

The games are designed to promote out-of-the-box divergent thinking and to make visible the types of strategies that enable us to be successful in solving problems, winning games and applying these to authentic real life situations.

After an overwhelming response, groups of students from Year 1 – Year 6 have been engaging in discussions around strategy, improving performance and developing their thinking skills whilst playing the motivating, fun and age appropriate strategy games. Many more students are eagerly awaiting their turn in Term 3 and Term 4.

Please see some of the student feedback below:

“You can hop on your i-Pad and do a workout for your brain and it’s really lots of fun!” Lucas Chen (Year 3)

“I like how some of the games are easier and some are really challenging. If it gets hard I can ask for a hint” George Storer (Year 1)

“Ive enjoyed Maxit as it’s helped me develop my quick mental maths” Andrew Lucas (Year 4)

“You should definitely give it a go.Its an amazing thing for boys especially to focus their minds on something that gets them working” Ziad Farah (Year 4)

“The computer makes it hard to win, and you have to use your brain to think hard. You should definitely play. It will help improve your thinking” Oscar Kleinig (Year 5)

Ceri Slinger
Head of Junior Years – Learning and Teaching Excellence