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This week we completed the Day House Dinners in Da Costa Dinning Hall. Each of the nine events was a special occasion where the House Community reflected on the year and farewelled their Year 12 students.

I was surprised to learn that until relatively recently, it was the parents that catered for the House Dinners. Parents would take over the Da Costa kitchen and cook for the students and staff. Parents would crowd behind the door and listen in to all the happenings in the Hall. What a long way we have come! To see the Year 12 parents enjoying dinner together and participating in the celebration of their son’s journey with his peers was heart-warming.  Each dinner had a distinct personality that mirrored the boys themselves. It signals the first step of the long goodbye for the Class of 2023.

Next week we are looking forward to the House Athletics Day where the whole Senior School will join in our time-honoured tradition of competition. Weeks of trials and preparation will come together in an event where participation is celebrated and rewarded. House performance relies on strong contributions from every member of the House. Of course, our high performers in the various disciplines, will also have a platform to shine and inspire.

Last week I wrote to our Year 12 students to encourage them to finish well. Some of our young men are impatient for the freedom that awaits them in just a few weeks. Ironically, some will really miss the support, routine, and discipline when the scaffold is removed in November. As a community, we will continue our efforts to encourage each student to attend to the little things. Your ongoing support in this regard is appreciated.

Barnaby Eaton
Acting Head of Senior School