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It has been an amazing fortnight across the Senior School with lots of exciting events and activities. A real highlight was the inspiring visit of Stan Grant to our campus. His thought-provoking presentation to the students and staff regarding the ‘illusion of separation’ challenged us to consider the impact of our words and actions. 

As we approach the final week of the winter sports season, anticipation is building for the Winter Intercol, hosted by PAC in 2023. This event brings with it a finals atmosphere to test ourselves against our closest rivals, to lift our performance on a stage of significance and leads to both opportunity and obligation. This stage represents both an opportunity to shine and an obligation to exemplify our values and principles. 

Our values encapsulate the qualities reflected in our School Prayer of being strong and lovely and of good report and consider this balance of strength and love as an effective model for masculinity. 

This concept aligns with a similar model in Stephen Covey’s well-known book “The Habits of Highly Effective People” that equates a balance of courage (strength) and consideration (love) with a mature approach. To be guided by these ideals: 

  • Courage and strength empower us to face challenges regardless of the outcome’s certainty and doing our best. 
  • Love and consideration steer us to be respectful towards our opposition, officials, and spectators, play by the rules and in the spirit of the game.  

I look forward to seeing our winter teams enjoy a positive end to the season next week. 

Barnaby Eaton
Acting Head of Senior School