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The 2019 School year is up and running, and I wish a very warm welcome to all of our families. I would like to especially welcome the new boys and families to Saints. I was fortunate to meet all the new day boys the day before School began. I witness a range of emotions from trepidation and anxiousness, through to relaxed and comfortable right up to excitement and eagerness. Our Heads of House and student leaders do a great job in welcoming our new students to the Saints community.

All of our Year 9 families were invited to the Senior Years Evening on Thursday 31 January. At this event I refer to the three stages in the Senior Years. Firstly Aspiration, where the boys are keen to do something in their life. They want to be a doctor, an artist, an entrepreneur, a test cricketer, and sometimes all at once. Then in Year 10 they often get their Inspiration, where they narrow down what they want to do as an adult and begin taking steps and making choices to move down that path. Finally, Year 11 and 12 is Perspiration where they put their heads down and work hard to achieve their goals.

Of course, the Year 12 students have a reasonable stressful 12 months, and so too, the parents. Our students do have some pressure on them, from the School, families, peers and themselves to perform well and achieve their desired ATAR. We do keep saying it, but it is important for the boys to enjoy the last year of School as much as they can. It’s a great opportunity to form authentic relationships with each other, and this support can be invaluable over the next ten months.

I look forward to seeing how your sons travel down this path. Enjoy the start of the year.

Pro Deo at Patria

David Scott
Head of Senior Years