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Our House system is a significant pillar of our School community, and the students in Year 9 – 12 have enjoyed the strength and support of their House for many years. We have seen great benefit in the Mentor groups being vertically aligned, and we will maintain this format moving forward. To continue to deliver the high level of pastoral care here at Saints, from 2019 we will be expanding the number of Mentor groups per House by one, meaning each House will now have five Mentor groups and there will be six for School & Allen. Mentor groups will reduce in size from around 16 students to 13 students, meaning Mentors can spend more individual time with each student.

To enable this to occur, Houses will shortly seek any current students who wish to move to a new Mentor group within their House from 2019. Some students may just want a fresh start, others may see it as an opportunity to lead a new group of boys. This process will happen in the next few weeks, in readiness for early Term 4 when the Year 8 students join the Senior Years. While there will be a period of adjustment, the long-term benefit of reduced pastoral care groups will be worthwhile.

This move further supports our commitment to delivering outstanding pastoral care to students. Please don’t hesitate to contact me or your relevant Head of House if you have any queries.

I also need to advise families that beginning next term, students will need their Student ID card to purchase items at the Tuckshop. Students who rely on typing in their ID number will only be allowed to do so in the last 10 minutes of lunch. Students have been reminded to locate their student card or order a new one from the Senior School Office in readiness for the start of Term 4.

Finally, the holidays provide an opportune time to relax, but also a time to keep on top of studies and prepare for examinations for the older students. The holidays are also an excellent opportunity for a haircut. Families are reminded that the School expects high standards of personal grooming. The behaviour expectations point to the following:

The School encourages a learning environment that is professional. Students’ hair must be clean, neat, of natural colour and no shorter than a number 3, nor have significant contrast in length. Staff need to be able to see collar, eyebrows and earlobes.

A number of boys have hair that is untidy or too long and attempt to sweep it behind their ears to hide its length. Heads of House will have spoken to students in need of a haircut, and I ask that families assist us to maintain the high standards of presentation here at Saints.

Have a safe holiday and Pro Deo et Patria.

David Scott
Head of Senior Years