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It was a pleasure to welcome over 600 grandparents and special friends of our Junior School students to the campus this week. Our Early Years students delighted in showing their visitors around their learning spaces before enjoying scones and cups of tea, while our Reception to Year 6 students treated their guests to a special Assembly. I commend the students involved on what was a superb display of talent, exuberance, and concentration. It was wonderful to see boys, ranging in age from five to eleven, confidently stand on stage, in front of a full house, and deliver their dialogue with such exceptional elocution. I encourage all students to take up the opportunity to present in front of their class, their year level and sub school as often as possible. These young students have stood and spoken in front of more than 900 people at such a young age.

The presence of our grandparents and special friends this week reminds us of the importance of generational belonging. I thank all grandparents and special friends for providing our boys with a special point of connection that ensures they are known, they are loved and they are forgiven. All boys need someone in their life who, despite their age, remains intimately connected to their boy world. Someone who finds the things that they find funny, funny. Someone who welcomes playful nature and can teach them the concept of time and place concurrently. And so often this special person is a grandparent. As parents, we too are grateful for the broad stability the extra generation provides as we navigate the challenges of raising children in today’s society.

In this modern age we all need to work harder to ensure that experience and opportunities to pursue growth are not shielded from our students. An education without a level of managed risk is not a true education. Outdoor education is vital. Physical activity is vital. Discipline and opportunity to take on responsibility, both shared and personal is vital. It is with a mix of excitement, anticipation and a healthy dose of apprehension that our Year 10 students embark on their ‘Pushing the Boundaries’ 21-day Journey on Sunday. The experience of backpacking through the Flinders Ranges over 21 days presents a wonderful opportunity of self-discovery. I encourage all boys to go and discover their hidden powers as they embark on a journey that is an obvious signpost along their path to adulthood. I have no doubt this signpost will be a memorable and liberating one.

Congratulations to Aarit Kothari (Year 6), Jack Lai (Year 5) and Lachlan Bell (Year 4) who were chosen to represent St Peter’s College in the IPSHA Poetry Competition on Wednesday. In a contest that saw them learn and recite a set poem and a poem of their choice all three boys performed admirably at the independent schools competition. Congratulations also to Year 7 student Ben McCorley who represented the School in the Legacy Junior Public Speaking Award, a national competition that enhances students’ oral communication skills and helps students appreciate the ideals of Legacy.

During Muster on Thursday, Colours and Symbols were awarded for Music and Service. Congratulations to the students who were recognised for their involvement in these co-curricular activities at the highest level within the School.

I hope you have an enjoyable long weekend.

Tim Browning