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It has been wonderful to witness the explosion of poetry across the Junior School over recent weeks. Our Year 5 students have been diligently completing their poetry anthologies and yesterday I was fortunate to spend time reading poems with our Year 3 students. I was most impressed with the clarity, expression and emotion with which their poems were delivered. Congratulations to our IPSHA Poetry finalists Maximillian Martin-Begg (Year 4), Aarit Kothari (Year 5) and Jamie Wong (Year 6) who represented the School admirably in the recent independent schools competition. A special mention to Jamie who was awarded second prize. Well done to our Year 5 Junior Orator Finalists Aarit Kothari and Navinder Takhar who presented their speeches in Assembly. Their orations “The greatest influence on my life” and “Why goals are good for you” were meticulously researched, carefully written and were delivered with incredible confidence and clarity.

Our Year 12s are fast approaching the end of their schooling at St Peter’s College. The school journey seems such a long period in the eyes of a student, yet only a fleeting moment in the eyes of a parent. This week we commenced valedictory celebrations with the Senior School House dinners. I have thoroughly enjoyed attending these dinners which continue to be intimate and personal occasions. They provide a wonderful opportunity to authentically acknowledge every Year 12 student and for the boys to thank staff who have supported them throughout their time at St Peter’s College. To help encapsulate this special time and memories of school, we are preparing a Class of 2021 time capsule containing student contributions and memorabilia that will be opened at their 50th reunion in 2071. Parents are welcome, and are encouraged, to also contribute items should they wish. Click here for further details.

In Muster on Thursday we acknowledged students who have made their mark on this institution through the receipt of winter colours and symbols for co-curricular activities. It is a natural emotive of students as they are passing through adolescence to want to leave their mark. To want to be remembered. I congratulate these students for their diligence, hard work and for leaving their mark on St Peter’s College in a most appropriate manner.

Tim Browning