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It was a delight to witness the energy and enthusiasm of our Junior School students as they celebrated Book Week and the theme ‘old worlds, new worlds, other worlds’. Despite a minor wardrobe malfunction of my own, it was wonderful to see the creativity of the boys and their parents shine through in their costumes. Congratulations to our Librarians in both the Senior School and Junior School for their efforts in bringing Book Week to life.

As we conclude the winter sports season, we take the opportunity to celebrate the successes, reflect on our performances and review our processes to look at how we can develop and where we can improve. I was immensely proud of the way our students conducted themselves across the Winter Intercol fixture. Of particular note were the outstanding post-match speeches of our sports leaders. Not only were they intelligent and gracious, but they were respectful and generous and a most appropriate representation of St Peter’s College.

A similarly distinctive highlight was the number of students that remained at the end of each fixture. I was thrilled and empowered by the respect communicated by our supporters to both their fellow students and the other team. Whilst they were tough moments, they were equally special moments for the School. Sharing in these challenging moments, makes the positive victorious ones all the more rewarding having stayed the course.

With Athletics season upon us, all Senior School students will be engaged in House Athletics trials and competition culminating in the Achilles Cup. SPSC’s outstanding record of success in this inter school competition is testament to the healthy competition generated by all students coming together and representing their Houses to the best of their ability.

Given the current state of the nation we are incredibly fortunate our students can gather to celebrate Book Week, we can maintain one of the longest running Intercollegiate sporting fixtures anywhere in the world and we can attend school each day to learn face-to-face and enjoy the company of their peers. These are amazing privileges that should be cherished and taken advantage of by all students given they could be withdrawn in an instant.

Tim Browning