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The reference in our School prayer challenging us to ‘stand for all things that are strong and lovely’ was no more visible than in the emotional moments observed in yesterday’s Avenue of Honour as our Class of 2019 departed the Valedictory Muster.

Our Junior School boys, all staff and Year 12 parents were lined up outside Memorial Hall all the way through to Allen Quad and Old School House. Seeing the ‘big’ boys embrace siblings, peers and staff, and high five the most energetic and younger members of our school community was a touching moment. As our Valedictorians passed through Old School House they were then farewelled by the Senior School year groups and staff all the way down to the Robert Johnston Memorial Gate at Hatswell Street.

It was an emotional experience for many with continuous accolades and acknowledgements reinforcing the reality of our Year 12s moving to the next stage of their lives. It was very important for our youngest students to see the emotional impact their presence had on our senior students; and one day it will be their turn to undertake that final and momentous walk. I am out of tissues today.

Tim Browning